Causes of canker sores in the vagina and How to cope - Causes of canker sores in the vagina and How to copeIn general, canker sores occur in the oral cavity and surrounding areas, but canker sores can also occur in the vagina. Why canker sores in the vagina can happen?

Keep in mind, canker sores or stomatitis is an inflammatory reaction in the form of spots or open wounds on the epithelial layer of the skin. In addition to appearing in the oral cavity, the disease can also settle in the intestine and in the genital organs.

In fact, canker sores in the vagina or canker sores in the uterine canal cause a risk of infertility in women up to 17%, while 11% of women aged 15-45 contracted vaginal thrush.

In general, the cause of canker sores in the vagina is 80-90% due to candida fungus. Sometimes this fungus can multiply to cause infection. The most common culprit is the species of Candida albicans.

Description: Causes of canker sores in the vagina and How to cope

Actually the fungus that is in the vagina is not dangerous, but if the number of things it will cause problems. The disease comes when the number of candida increases and the body is unable to control it. It usually happens when a woman gets sick or has severe stress.

The likelihood of a woman exposed to canker sores in the vagina is increased when they take antibiotics or use estrogen-containing contraceptive pills, using contraceptives-such as diaphragms can also increase the risk of developing the disease.

While women who are pregnant and have diabetes are included in the row of those who are at high risk of vaginal thrush or miss V wounds like canker sores.

In some cases, canker sores in the vagina are not intensually transmitted diseases. According to dr. Marie, the symptom of women who experience canker sores in the vagina is feeling the itch in the intimate area, hot, like stinging, redness. Women who feel pain during lovemaking or urination can also be a sign that the area kancitaanya affected thrush in the vagina.

So, is there a canker sores on this woman's genitals? dr. Marie suggested immediately consult a doctor, because the doctor will prescribe a cream or ointment that can cope with the fungal diseases.

When an ointment or cream is used, it can make Miss V feel like a burn or irritation. In addition, there are also oral medications that can be consumed. Whatever the choice, everything should be with a doctor's recommendation.

For women who have not been exposed to canker sores in the vagina, prevention is always better than cure. In order not to get canker sores in the vagina, prevention can be done in between:
  • Use cotton underwear or silk because it can absorb sweat.
  • Avoid the use of nylon and satin materials that are not easy to absorb sweat so it can cause vaginal irritation.
  • Wash and dry the panties properly. If the panties are not comfortable when used because wet by sweat or other fluids, should immediately replace to prevent the appearance of fungus.

Avoid using deodorant spray for miss V or other products that can increase the risk of fungal infection in the vagina. Discontinue use of the product if suspected to trigger an allergic / irritant reaction to the area. Clean the vagina in the direction of the front (urinary tract) back (anus).

Irritation of the vagina will usually heal itself without medical help, but if the complaints you feel do not subside and worse you should immediately go to the doctor to see directly what the characteristics of the lesion and searched for the cause to be treated appropriately.

In addition to some of the above, canker sores in the vagina may also be caused by other things include:
  • Herpes genitalis. Is a contagious viral infection, generally transmitted by the disease is caused by intensual activity.
  • Syphilis.
  • Cancer.
  • Lichen sclerosus
  • Friction or physical injury to feminine areas.

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