Check to the same doctor can lower the risk of death?

Roseous.comCheck to the same doctor can lower the risk of death? Some people have a doctor's subscription to handle a wide range of health problems. The rest, preferring to change doctors every time to the hospital. How about you?

According to research, checking your disease to the same doctor turned out to reduce the risk of death. Whether it's a visit to a general practitioner or a specialist, and this has been proven in various cultures and health systems. Reported by the BBC, a team of researchers from the University of Exeter trying to describe it.

Researchers reveal, patients who come to the same doctor has its own advantages. In addition to being able to get special comfort, doctors can better understand the condition of his patients from time to time.

Continuity of care by having a physician subscription, is known to be very useful for patients with chronic illness, long-term mental health problems, and other complex needs.

Communication is better

The study, published in the BMJ Open, analyzed the results of 22 studies in nine different countries, including Britain, France, the US, Canada and South Korea. A total of 18 studies have shown that contact with the same doctor for at least two years, is associated with reduced mortality. This condition when compared with other patients who do not have a doctor's subscription.

The researchers said continuity of care is important and should be given a higher priority in health care planning. Philip Evans as one of the researchers said that continuity of care occurs when a patient and doctor meet each other repeatedly and get to know each other.

"This leads to better communication, patient satisfaction, compliance to medical advice and the use of much lower hospital services," he said.

Continuity of care

Sir Denis Pereira Gray, another researcher, said: "Patients have known for a long time that it's important that the doctors they meet and how well they communicate. It is now clear that the quality of medical practice may be a matter of life or death. "

However, according to Forbes, there is also a opinion that changing doctors is a good thing. Changes in the insurance plan, for example, can force patients to frequently change doctors and this can interfere with the continuity of care. Shorter appointments and increased patient burdens make it difficult for doctors and patients to really get to know each other.

Seeing the case that happened, of course you as a patient must maximize a visit to the doctor. There are many things that can be done, one of them understand the conditions thoroughly.

On the internet, there are many sources around health problems. Do a little research, for example by matching the symptoms you feel with information found on the internet.

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If you put suspicion on a disease, learn it, at least the basis of the disease. Undoubtedly, you will more easily understand it so as to explain in detail the conditions you feel.

Checking your health to the same doctor, or having a doctor's subscription, is considered to reduce the risk of death. But it can not be denied, finding a good doctor can be as difficult as finding a good lawyer, a good coach, or a good CEO. So once you find the right one, it could not hurt to keep consulting with the doctor for your health problems in the future.
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