Do It Habits That Small Stay Healthy in School - Do It Habits That Small Stay Healthy in SchoolFor about two months of school holidays, both children and parents alike are eager to start a new school year. Almost all parents are busy preparing the completeness of school equipment and schedule activities for one semester ahead. Although this preparation can make you overwhelmed, but the real challenge is to keep children healthy. Therefore, teach children good habits to do in school so that he is protected from illness.

For parents, keep in mind that good habits do not form by themselves, but there needs to be continuous teaching and repetition, that good habits can be an integral part of the child's lifestyle. Embed this child's healthy habits:

Do It Habits That Small Stay Healthy in School

1. Do not miss breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal time in a day. A nutritious breakfast will help the child go through his day with energy. Harvard Medical School states that breakfast regularly will reduce the risk of obesity. In addition, a high-fiber breakfast may lower the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

It is not easy to instill breakfast habits, because children are often still sleepy or not appetite. To overcome this, be a good example for the child. If possible, try to have breakfast with the children at the dinner table.

2. Eat healthy foods

One of the challenges when children enter school is to make sure the food they eat during school is a nutritious meal. The best way to make sure is to provide supplies from home.

By preparing the food, you can set the menu to be consumed by the child and ensure the menu has the complete nutrition needed by the child.

For older children, teach them to look and read labels on food packaging. Teach him to choose foods that are not high in sugar and salt content. Thus, even if the child does not bring supplies, he still armed with knowledge in choosing healthy foods.

3. Water consumption

Fluids are very important for both adults and children. Provide a child with an interesting bottle of drinking, drawing, or shape of his favorite character with enough volume to meet his fluid needs. Remind him to drink water after meals or after physical activity and do not buy sugar-high beverages such as soda or other beverage packaging.

4. Physical activity on a regular basis

Often the physical activity of children is limited only during gym lessons. Teach him to stay active during the school move. In addition, keep reminding the child to not do physical activity that is too heavy so he is not tired and weak when learning.

Do It Habits That Small Stay Healthy in School

5. Get enough sleep

During the holidays, maybe the child will tend to sleep less and stay up more. Approaching school time, remind the child to return to the previous routine.

Encourage the child to sleep at the same hour and wake up at the same hour every day. Try to get enough sleep. School-age children generally need to sleep as much as 8-10 hours per day. Adequate sleep will make the child wake up more fit the next day and performance in school is better.

6. Take care of personal hygiene

One thing that is not less important is to teach children to always maintain their hygiene. The habit that you should plant as early as possible is washing your hands. Remember, the palm of the hand is one area with a lot of germs. Therefore, hand washing is an effective way to prevent children from infecting disease-carrying germs.

Teach children to wash hands with soap and running water before and after meals, after using the toilet, and when his hands touch dirty objects.

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Although it seems simple, but if the behavior of healthy living in a strong school is embedded and done regularly, then he can learn and move optimally in school. Not only that, doing healthy habits can also help protect the Little exposed to the disease, both now and in years to come until he was an adult.
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