Efficacy of Impressive Onions

Roseous.comEfficacy of Impressive OnionsOnions are always present in almost every dish, especially local foods that often include onions for flavor. Yet not many people know the efficacy of onions. All varieties of onions offer impressive health benefits.

Efficacy of Impressive Onions

Rich in antioxidants

Onions may not contain lots of vitamins and minerals, but are rich in antioxidants. Onions provide dozens of different types, including quercetin, a powerful anti-inflammatory compound. The outer layer of onion is the greatest antioxidant.

Protect from cancer

In a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers looked at how often people in Italy and Switzerland eat onions and garlic. In conclusion, those who ate more onions, both onions and white, the lower the risk of cancer.

Increase bone density

A study that looked at postmenopausal and postmenopausal Caucasian women aged 50 and older found a link between onion consumption and bone health. Women who consume red onions more frequently, have better bone density, and lower the risk of hip fractures by more than 20% compared with those who never eat onions.

Maintain a healthier digestion

Inulin contained in onions, is a kind of fiber that acts as a prebiotic. In short, prebiotics serve as food for probiotics, and help good microbes. Inulin also helps prevent constipation, improve blood sugar regulation, improve nutrient absorption, and promote healthy bone density. The possibility of inulin can also support weight loss by limiting appetite.

Lower cholesterol

Research on women who are overweight or obese with polycystic ovary syndrome. In this randomized controlled clinical trial, patients were assigned to high-onion diets (consisting of raw red onions) or low onion diets. After eight weeks, the researchers found a decrease in cholesterol levels in both groups, but greater decreases (including a decrease in "bad" LDL cholesterol) occurred in people who ate more onions. Another study tracked 24 women with mild cholesterol and found that those who drank onion juice daily for eight weeks experienced a decrease in total cholesterol, LDL, and waist levels compared with those taking a placebo.

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Increase the benefits of tomatoes

Efficacy of tomatoes is more effective if coupled with eating onion. Scientists believe that sulfur compounds in onions increase the absorption of lycopene, an antioxidant in tomatoes linked to protection against cancer and heart disease, as well as brain, bone and eye health. Pair tomatoes and onions in omelette, salad, soup and various stir fry.
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