Erotomania, Believing Someone Loved It While Not Real

Roseous.comErotomania, Believing Someone Loved It While Not RealErotomania is one of the delusional disorders in which a person feels confidently loved or assessed by others, though the reality is not necessarily. This kind of disorder is included in a rare health condition experienced by a person.

Erotomania sufferers have a strong belief that he is being liked by someone. The person can be anyone, generally a famous person, like a person with a high social position, such as an official, a celebrity, a conglomerate or perhaps a political figure, even though they have never met at all. This belief does not arise from reality. Fantasy, news, or watching TV alone is enough to trigger erotomania.

 Erotomania, Believing Someone Loved It While Not Real

Understanding the Symptoms of Erotomania

Until now there has been no clear reason why someone can experience erotomania. Possible erotomania can be caused by genetic, biological, psychological, and environmental factors.

The main symptom of erotomania sufferers is to believe too much or misinterpret someone loves her. Erotomania sufferers often talk about people who think they love, even often they are obsessed with the person.

There are several symptoms that can be caused by erotomania, including:
  • Frequently sending letters, emails, or gifts to people who are considered to love them. He can also continuously make phone calls.
  • Feeling jealous of others who are deemed to be related to the person he or she considers to be in love with.
  • Losing interest in doing other activities. Tends to spend more time thinking and talking about people who are thought to love her.
  • Too believing that the person who loves him, as if trying to communicate in secret through views, gestures, or status in social media.

Erotomania can occur in the short or long period of time. Erotomania has the possibility of becoming more severe until symptoms of psychosis. Characterized by delusions or suddenly severe mental disorder or other symptoms such as excessive energy impulse, sleeplessness, speech very quickly, thinking a lot and doing dangerous acts for the sake of those who are believed to love them.

How to Win Erotomania

To confirm the diagnosis of erotomania, the doctor will conduct a medical history check as well as a physical exam. There will likely be some medical tests to ensure symptoms are not caused by physical illness. If the doctor concludes the condition is true as a symptom of psychological disorders, then it will be recommended treatment on a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Handling erotomania, can be done through a combination of therapy and drugs. However, psychotherapy is usually an option in helping patients manage and cope with the stress associated with their delusional beliefs.

Various types of psychotherapy that may be done can be:

  • Individual psychotherapy

Useful in identifying and correcting disorders in the thinking of erotomania sufferers.

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy

Helpful in helping people recognize and change the mindset and behavior that is considered to cause discomfort.

  • Family therapy

The therapy in which the family participates in helps manage erotomania disorders in patients, which is expected to contribute to improving the condition of the patient.

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Although generally erotomania patients can still normal activities and no problems while socializing, but the chances of their lives disrupted because of their delusions. Erotomania also has the possibility of causing sufferers to interfere with the lives of others. If you recognize the symptoms of erotomania, you should seek medical help from a psychiatrist or psychologist for appropriate treatment.
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