High Cholesterol, Can Eat Meat?

Roseous.com - High Cholesterol, Can Eat Meat? Having high cholesterol makes one should limit all types of food. There was a routine drink full-cream milk, but had to stop consumption because of cholesterol. In addition, the meat is also said to be the originator of cholesterol so many decided to avoid it. But, what the meat must be shunned at all?

Meat is indeed one of the foods that contain high fat. But actually people with high cholesterol can still eat meat. With a note, you know how to choose the right kind of meat and healthy meat processing tips.

High Cholesterol, Can Eat Meat?

See the content in various meats

For a choice of types of meat, if there is a wide selection of meats such as beef, mutton and chicken meat, high cholesterol patients should not choose the type of beef. Why?

In 85 grams of beef contained 179 calories, 7.9 grams of fat and 73 mg of cholesterol. At the same amount for chicken meat, there are 162 calories, 6.3 grams of fat and 76 mg of cholesterol. While on goat meat with the same amount has calories as much as 122 calories, 2.6 grams of fat and 64 mg cholesterol.

Therefore, if you want to eat meat, choose the lowest cholesterol content such as goat meat. What if it does not exist? You can replace it with chicken meat, but should remove the skin.

But if the only available beef, you high cholesterol sufferers can work around it by selecting the least fat part, which is on the cut of the waist (sirloin) or has in the (tenderloin) that contains less fat.

In addition, meat processing techniques also need to be considered for your health to stay awake. Here are some meat processing tips:
  1. Rebuslah meat twice. The first meat stew water is removed after 30 minutes of boiling process, then add more water to boil mixed with the desired spice.
  2. If you want to take the broth from the meat stew, leave the boiled water in the refrigerator for one day. After that, the frozen fat that is on the top surface you can get rid of and just use the water only.
  3. Exercise meat by boiling or burning compared to frying. If you still want to fry or saute the meat, it is advisable to use oil containing unsaturated fats such as extra-olive oil, sunflower seed oil, sesame oil or canola oil.

In addition to these three meats, you can also eat fish for everyday. Types of fish that can help lower cholesterol levels are fish that contain omega-3s like salmon or tuna.

Healthy Living Tips

In addition to paying attention to food intake, you also have to change other lifestyle to be completely free of high cholesterol. Here are tips on healthy living that you can apply:

  • Exercise regularly

Try to exercise routine every day at least 30 minutes. With regular physical activity, cholesterol levels in your body can be controlled.

  • Take control of your weight

Excess body weight can increase cholesterol levels in the body.

  • Check cholesterol

The American Heart Association recommends men and women who are over 20 years old to do a cholesterol exam. When all the results of normal cholesterol examination and no disease whatsoever, cholesterol checks are recommended every 4-6 years. But if there are health problems such as coronary heart disease, stroke and obesity, cholesterol needs to be checked every 1-3 years.

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Patients with high cholesterol do need to be more careful in eating meat. But knowing how to cook the right meat and running a healthy lifestyle, they have hope to avoid heart disease and other health problems.
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