Higher Baby Tuber Success Opportunities

Roseous.com - Higher Baby Tuber Success OpportunitiesBaby tube is a method of artificial fertilization by taking the egg to be fertilized by sperm in the laboratory. The fertilized eggs are then planted in the uterus, resulting in pregnancy. Currently, the chances of the success of IVF are getting higher, so this method is worth a try by hard-earned partners.

Baby tubes or In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) became the most effective method of artificial reproduction. This method is increasingly popular, as evidenced by the high number of baby tube acts being carried out.

Description: Higher Baby Tuber Success Opportunities

Success Rate of Tube Baby Method High enough

In 2016, there are recorded more than 7000 cycles of baby tubes. From 6092 new cycles (fresh), the success rate reached 28% or 1701 cycles. This figure is obtained regardless of age factor, infertility problem, and tube baby procedure used.

While from 1551 frozen cycles (frozen), the success of pregnancy reached 478 cycles or about 30%. Percentage obtained without involving age factor, infertility problem, and thick endometrium when transfer into the womb.

From the data, it can be concluded that the chance of success of IVF baby reaches 1: 3. This opportunity will increase if the age factor is taken into account. The younger the age, the higher the chance of pregnancy through IVF. The chances of success in the under 35 age group reached 35.1%, compared to the over 42 years old group of 6.7%.

Opportunities to Get Twin Children Through Baby Tubes

Baby tube method is also suitable for you who want twins. In the process of baby tube, some eggs will be taken to be fertilized by sperm. The goal is that at least one egg develops into an embryo.

If there are more than one embryo, everything can be implanted into the uterus to increase the chances of multiple pregnancies. An egg that is not transferred to the uterus can be stored by frozen.

When there are two or more embryos attached to the uterine wall, multiple pregnancies occur. However, do not expect babies born are identical twins. In infant tubes, the chances of non-identical twins are greater than identical twins.

The average embryo implanted into the uterus is twofold, with the incidence of twin pregnancies resulting from IVF infants reaching 12.92% by 2016. Through IVF, women under the age of 35 have a higher twin pregnancy potential than those over 35 years old.

Who Should Go on a Baby Tubing Program?

Baby tube program is highly recommended for couples who crave the baby, especially those that have the following conditions:
  • Having reproductive problems so that pregnancy is naturally difficult to occur.
  • Aged 35 years or older, not pregnant despite routine intercourse for six months without using contraception.
  • Being in their early 20s or early 30s, have not been pregnant despite regular intimateual intercourse for a year or more without using contraceptives.

If there are conditions above, it would not hurt you consult a gynecologist further to consider the IVF program.

For the record, the current cost of baby tube is quite expensive. Plus the baby tube program has not been covered by BPJS Health or private insurance. The high cost of IVF is caused by the use of advanced technology and regular consumption of medicines. This cost does not include the cost of drugs outside the program, multivitamin supplements for pregnancy, and also required regular controls to support the success of the IVF program.

It should be understood also that the baby tube does not guarantee the success of pregnancy. The tube baby cycle may be canceled if the ovaries do not show a response to the drug, causing the egg cell to develop. The percentage of canceled cycles is greater for women aged over 35.

Although impressive promises, many couples who have to undergo more than one cycle until finally declared managed to get pregnant. This means you and your partner must be mentally and financially ready before undergoing IVF program. However, the IVF method remains worth considering considering its high percentage of success. You can consult an obstetrician to get more information about IVF if you are interested in undergoing the program

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