HIV / AIDS can now be totally cured

Roseous.comHIV / AIDS can now be totally curedHIV / AIDS can now be cured. This is revealed from the results of the international AIDS Conference held last July in Washington DC, United States.

The 29th International AIDS Conference was held on July 22-27 and followed by 195 countries with more than 121,000 participants. From the conference was revealed until now there is evidence that HIV / AIDS can be cured completely.

HIV  AIDS can now be totally cured

There were 3 cases, one in a patient with acute leukemia and HIV infection. When the leukemia is treated with a stem cell transplant the leukemia is healed and the HIV virus is completely lost. There are also two other cases where the patient has cancer and also has the HIV virus. In both people were bone marrow transplants and until now both are healthy and without any HIV virus again, Friday (3/8).

In addition, there are 12 other PLHIV (People with HIV AIDS who have been declared functional recovered. 10 years ago when HIV / AIDS infection was detected, they were immediately treated with antiretroviral drugs (ART) for 3 years without waiting for their immune system to go down. 3 years ago it stopped until today, which is 7 years later, the condition is healthy.

This shows that more hope to stop the AIDS epidemic. Prof. Dr. Zubairi Djoerban, Manager of the Integrated HIV Service Unit at RSCM, said that in the RSCM itself every month there are about 2 thousands of patients who seek treatment for HIV / AIDS consisting of adult men and women, as well as infants and children.

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The remaining problem is how to treat all patients infected with HIV / AIDS virus to stop the transmission of this virus. Because in many new countries a small number of cases are treated and handled properly.
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