How Guava Can Improve Platelets?

Roseous.comHow Guava Can Improve Platelets? Many say that guava is one of the foods that must be consumed when exposed to dengue fever. He said, this fruit can make platelet levels down - which often occurs when dengue fever - so return to normal.

Until now, many studies have revealed the benefits of guava for patients with dengue fever, which is able to make platelet levels rise. Yes, when exposed to the dengue virus that is transmitted through the mosquito bites into the body, then usually the symptoms that will appear is thrombosis down.

 How Guava Can Improve Platelets?

This condition will make the body can not agglomerate and freeze blood in case of injury, so that bleeding will happen. Actually how, anyway, guava can make platelets rise?

Guava content stimulates platelet count up

Under normal circumstances, thrombocytes, known as blood chips, play a role in this blood clot produced by bone marrow. In the process of platelet production there is a special hormone that regulates it, namely thrombopoietin hormone. The hormone will determine whether it will produce platelets in large quantities or not and set the platelet level to remain normal.

When you are injured, the blood vessels in the blood vessels come together and eventually agglomerate the blood. This then makes the blood from your wound flow. When the platelets have run out of severe wounds or inflammation, the thrombopoietin will receive a signal and instantly 'send' the bone marrow to make the blood again.

Well, the same thing happens when you have dengue fever, the virus can trigger the occurrence of blood clots that consume many pieces of blood. In addition, dengue virus can also suppress the production of blood chips in the bone marrow will make cells and tissue damaged to make inflammation. When the platelets used in the conglomeration process are too numerous and the resulting ones are inadequate, thrombocytopenia or platelet count eventually falls.

A study conducted in 2017 revealed that the active substance in the guava, which is thrombinol, is able to stimulate thrombopoietin more actively, so it can produce more blood chips. This can certainly help patients with dengue fever who are undergoing a decreased thrombocyte.

High vitamin C in guava is also relied upon when dengue attacks

Vitamin C is one type of vitamin that is powerful enough to boost the immune system and guava is an excellent source in this regard. The reason is in 100 grams of guava there are about 228 mg of vitamin C.

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So, what is the relationship of a strong immune system with platelets rising? When you have a dengue virus, the white blood cells that are the main body of the immune system do not stay idle. Yes, in the body of white blood cells are 'fighting' against the virus. However, the virus managed to win and eventually the white blood cells lost.

Well, when your immune system is strong and normal, then white blood cells provide good resistance to the virus, even to defeat it. This then makes your condition back better, as well as the number of platelets that will be normal again.

So, there is no harm in trying to consume guava fruit when dengue virus attacked. In addition to the content that can make platelets rise, guava is also good as a source of fiber and your fluids.
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