How To Eliminate Black Lips To Be More Confident

Roseous.comHow To Eliminate Black Lips To Be More ConfidentMany people complain of dark lips, or black lips, especially women, because it can disturb the appearance. Do it how to remove the black lips are effective but safe, for beauty and health of the lips remain awake.

One way to get rid of black lips in a short time is to apply a red or pink lipstick to the lips. However, this method is only temporary, because once the lipstick is lost, the black lips will be visible again.

This organ also has blood vessels, which due to the thin layer of lips, it can be seen. This is what causes the lips to have a red color. In addition, the lips also do not have sweat glands and oil glands. The absence of these two glands makes the lips very vulnerable to dry and cracked.

Various Ways to Eliminate Black Lips and Prevent It

There are several ways to remove black lips as well as how to prevent it:

  • Reduce caffeinated beverages

The change in lip color becomes darker can be caused by many things. One of them that may be unexpected is because often consume hot drinks contain caffeine, such as coffee or tea. Reducing the frequency of consumption of these drinks can remove dark or black color on the lips.

  • Avoid biting and licking lips

Biting and licking the lips too often are also considered to make the lips dark. There is no other way than to eliminate this bad habit to make the lips back to their original color.

  • Quit smoking

Not only cause the appearance of lines of wrinkles in the area around the lips alone, smoking can cause the color of the lips to black. This is because the heat from a cigarette has the potential to burn the skin on the lips. When this happens, the lips will get hurt and cause skin pigmentation. This is what causes smokers to have a black lip color.

  • Protect the lips from the sun

Too often exposed to sunlight was also potentially make the lip color darker than it should, because the sun can burn and make the lips dry, making it look darker. To reduce this, there is no harm from now diligently apply sunscreen on the lips. Sunscreen can be obtained from the use of lip balm that has an SPF of 30 or more.

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  • Checking the lipstick content used

When buying lipstick, note the lipstick content listed on the packaging label. You are advised to avoid using lipstick containing isopalmityl diglyceryl sebacate, ricinoleic acid, and dipentaerythritol fatty acid and coal tar. Because the content can cause allergic reactions in the lips that can cause the lips to black.

  • Massaging the lips

In addition to avoiding the above habits, expelling the dark color on the lips can be done by massaging. Massaging the lips may increase blood flow to the area, making the color bright. To be more effective, it is advisable to use almond oil or ice cubes while massaging.

  • Eliminates dead skin cells on the lips

To remove black or dark on the lips, you can peel (scrubbing) safely using sugar mixed with honey. Then, apply to the lips evenly and rub gently in a circular motion. This way can stimulate the production of new collagen in the lips as well as slow the aging process on the lips, so that the lips look brighter.

How to remove the black lips on the top you can try to get a brighter lip color. If you have a habit that could be the cause of black lips, you should immediately stop the bad habits, so that the lips can return to the original color. If necessary, consult how to remove effective black lips on the doctor.
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