How To Prevent Heart Disease, Start From Now - How To Prevent Heart Disease, Start From NowMaintaining the health of the liver is important to do. Various things can cause liver disease. Starting from eating too much of a certain food or drink, obesity, to take excessive medication.

When a person experiences liver disease, it can occur interference system of toxins from the body. Therefore, the liver or liver has an important role to filter and remove toxins from the body that comes with food and drink. The liver also plays a role in digestion by producing bile fluids that help to break down fats from food, and store glucose as a reserve of energy for the body.


Causes of Liver Disease

Without realizing it, many daily habits that can trigger a disturbance in the liver or liver disease. These habits and patterns of life include:

  • Too much sugar

The liver requires fructose, which is one type of sugar, to produce fat. But if eating too many refined sugars and artificial sweeteners from corn starch with high fructose content, it can cause a buildup that is at risk of causing liver disease, even in people who are not overweight though. This type of sugar is commonly found in soda drinks, sweets, and sweet cakes. The study found that the dangers of consuming too much sugar equal harm from alcohol consumption.

  • Consuming Soda Drink

People who consume carbonated drinks are more at risk for non-alcoholic fatty liver. To prevent this, it is advisable to limit the consumption of soft drinks.

  • Trans fat

Consumption of foods containing trans fat or saturated fat can trigger weight gain and cause fat accumulation in liver cells. In foods, trans fats are commonly found on cakes, breads, or packaged foods that are partially hydrogenated on their packaging labels.

  • Obesity

Overweight results in fat accumulation in liver cells that can cause non-alcoholic fatty liver or non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). In addition to being overweight, this disease is also most at risk for people who have diabetes and middle age (about 40-60 years). If left untreated, scar tissue will form, replacing healthy tissue.

  • Too much vitamin A

Too much vitamin A in the long run is a risk of causing bone fragility in old age and liver damage. Avoid excessive consumption of vitamin A because the ideal daily vitamin A requirement for men is only 700- 900 micrograms, and 600-700 micrograms for women.

  • The use of non-sterile needles

Liver disease can be caused by hepatitis infection, which can be caused by the use of non-sterile needles. For example, when taking blood, injecting drugs, and making tattoos. Hepatitis virus can spread through direct contact with the blood of an infected person. The virus can also spread through contaminated food or drink, to risky intensual intercourse.

  • Consumption of drugs

Consumption of drugs consumed in the long term or large doses can harm the health of your liver. Limit its use based on the instructions on the drug package or on the advice of the physician.

  • Consumption of herbal supplements

The lure of quality herbal or natural supplements still does not guarantee product safety completely. Some herbal medicines, such as cascara, kaparal, comfrey, kava, and ephedra, are at risk of harm to the liver. Some herbal supplements that claim to improve liver function have also not been medically proven.

How To Prevent Liver Disease

The good news is that heart disease can still be prevented by improving lifestyles, stopping bad habits, and replacing them with healthier habits such as:
  • Maintain ideal weight.
  • Use condoms during intensual intercourse.
  • Immunize to protect against hepatitis A and B.
  • Take medication according to dose. Consult your doctor if you want to take herbal supplements along with over-the-counter medicines.
  • Avoid exposure to body fluids or other people's blood.
  • Wear masks, long sleeves, and gloves, and make sure the room has good ventilation when spraying cleaning fluids, insecticides, or fungicides. Take similar precautions when using topical paints or sprays and other harmful chemicals.
  • Limit consumption of beverages ber
  • Eat more healthy and fresh foods, such as fruits and vegetables.
  • Reduce raw seafood consumption.
  • Investigate to detect the possibility of the body infected with hepatitis, because liver disease often appears without preceding certain symptoms.
  • Based on research, drinking coffee in a level that is not excessive can help reduce the risk of liver disease.

Sick heart organs will not be able to return to health as before. Therefore, to avoid liver disease, immediately apply a healthy lifestyle before it's too late. When experiencing liver disease, then undergo treatment as recommended by a doctor.

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