Is it dangerous to the fetus if the stomach is worn or stomach?

Roseous.comIs it dangerous to the fetus if the stomach is worn or stomach? When entering the period of pregnancy, surely you will be very careful in doing activities. In fact, there is a reduced activity so that her pregnancy is not disturbed. However, although very careful, sometimes there are things that are not predicted to happen, for example, the stomach is accidentally pressed with something.

Maybe when you experience this, you will be frightened, anxious, and worried. Afraid if anything happens with the fetus. Actually, is it dangerous if the pregnant woman's stomach is depressed? Does abdominal pressure affect the condition of the fetus?

Different gestational age, different effect

Many mothers are anxious if their pregnant belly is depressed or crushed something. Probably, the pressure is not accidental, for example, hit the table, accidentally hit by a toddler, or depressed when holding your baby.

Then, whether these conditions make the fetus in the womb have certain disorders?

Actually, it depends on how hard the pressure your pregnant mom's stomach receives. If it is not so hard, then do not worry, the article already has a variety of protective fetus that has been prepared shortly after conception. However, sometimes it also depends on each age of pregnancy.

1. The pregnant woman's stomach is depressed during the first trimester

In early pregnancy, the walls of the uterus have begun to thicken and this will protect the fetus from stress. In addition, the pelvis also becomes one of the protectors when you are still in the first trimester. Pelvic bone is hard enough, so it can protect the small fetus from the pressure.

2. The pregnant woman's stomach is depressed during the second and third trimesters

Many consider the older age of pregnancy will be increasingly risky and should be extra careful. Actually this is not entirely wrong anyway, you should be more vigilant.

However, if the pressure is obtained because of holding your toddler, then no need to worry. Your fetus is protected by amniotic fluid and placenta, so that the pressure will not be too felt by the baby in the womb.

So do not panic immediately if the pregnant belly is depressed something, your body is designed as hard as possible to protect the fetus, from amniotic fluid, uterine wall, to the abdominal muscles.

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How do I know if the fetus is okay?

If the pressure you get is very hard, then do not delay to see a doctor. Typically, your doctor will recommend that you perform a full range of medical tests, including ultrasound. From the examination, you can know the condition of the fetus with certainty.

When checked into a doctor after experiencing trauma due to pressure on the stomach, then there are some things you should make sure to the doctor, namely:
  • Are my symptoms normal now?
  • What are the symptoms that are not normal and when to see a doctor after a trauma?
  • What kind of harmful trauma?
  • What activities should be avoided to prevent pregnancy complications from happening?

Make sure that you get all the answers from the doctor, so you know what to do next in case of unwanted trauma.

Usually, if your accident or trauma is severe enough, there will be bleeding. Well, when this condition occurs then you should hurry to see a doctor, because it indicates that something happened with your pregnancy.
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