Is it true to fall in love with pheromones? - Is it true to fall in love with pheromones? Falling in love may not be as simple as expression from the eye down to the heart. Pheromones derived from body-borne odors may contribute to it.

Pheromones are chemicals removed from the body of an individual, which can affect other people's social and intimateual responses. Pheromones are volatile or volatile, and are natural chemical compounds of the body that may have a certain aroma but are not always detectable by the sense of smell. Research conducted revealed that behind the sweat that comes out of the human body, there are substances that contain pheromones.


Encouraging Intimateual Attraction

Pheromones are known to underlie various animal behaviors of the same species, for example to follow a food trail, marking occupied areas, alert conditions, to intimateual attraction.

Meanwhile, pheromones in humans are very different. Pheromones are highly dependent individually and often unconsciously. Until now, there are still research on pheromone in humans and its role to intimateual attraction.

One of the theories put forward, namely when someone is interested or feel in love, the possibility that it is influenced by the smell released by the body. The smell of the body that is considered interesting and fun will be created without us knowing it

Uniquely, the smell is considered attractive is usually a smell that has immunity against certain diseases. This can be beneficial in the long run, which is to produce a stronger and healthier offspring.

A study conducted observations on two groups of people, with female and male intimate. From the research obtained data that both groups can recognize the type of body aroma from the same group or from the opposite intimate. And from the level of aroma intensity, almost all respondents chose the male body odor as a stronger aroma than the female body scent. This is thought to be related to the influence of intimate hormones contained in the body.

Play a role in the Fertile Period

In general, humans rely heavily on sight. However, experts later found the possibility of stimulation of the sense of smell also affects social and intimateual behavior in humans.

A study shows, women who regularly have intimate have a more regular menstrual cycle, than women who only occasionally have intimateual intercourse. The women's group is also more fertile due to delays in estrogen levels. Researchers later found out that the cause is male-produced pheromones, which in turn affect the rise and fall of female estrogen.

Then, a different study in the United States concludes why a woman's menstrual cycle in a group can be almost the same, that is because of an unconscious smell. A group of women are asked to smell sweat from other women. As a result, these women experience acceleration or deceleration of the menstrual cycle, according to the conditions of the woman they are stroking.

Follow-up of the results of the study is about the possible use of pheromones in combination with medical therapy, to be used in pregnancy or contraceptive program. Some experts think the benefits of pheromones can be used to cope with stress and depression, while improving mood.

Indeed, pheromones are thought to have an effect on human behavior, including when a person is in love. But research to uncover the mystery of the influence of pheromones in the psychology of attraction between the two individuals is still not clearly understood and can not be explained with accurate scientific facts.

There are things other than pheromones that are the reasons for falling in love. However, it is possible that your interest in someone is currently backed by a match of pheromones that you both have.

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