It's Different Symptoms of ADHD in Boys and Girls - It's Different Symptoms of ADHD in Boys and GirlsADHD aka Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder is included in one of the child's psychological disorders. This state consists of three main symptoms, namely hyperactive, impulsive, and attention disorders.

ADHD in children is often undetectable. When starting school, parents usually get a teacher report about the child's behavior that can not be silent. From this, then ADHD disorders in children are detected and explored further.

Description: It's Different Symptoms of ADHD in Boys and Girls

Recognize the symptoms of ADHD in children

In boys and girls, ADHD gives different symptoms. Typically, ADHD experienced by boys will provide an impulsive and expressive picture, such as:
1.     Can not be silent
2.     Often up on a table or chair
3.     It's hard to calm down
4.     Frequently disturbing friends or people around him
5.     It's hard to concentrate on something

While in girls, ADHD generally provides milder symptoms that sometimes are not detected by parents or teachers. Symptoms in question, including:
1.     Often going around the classroom or moving from table to table without disturbing his friends.
2.     Difficult to do homework for forgetting or easily distracted with other things.
3.     Inefficient in learning, so the test results obtained are not maximal.
4.     It's hard to be good friends. Girls with ADHD may have many friends because of their pleasant nature. However, it is difficult to get close friends because he is difficult to follow the conversation, often looks anxious, and wishy-washy.
5.     Often forget.
6.     Too much talking.
7.     Many ideas, but can not make it happen.
8.     Often late.
9.     Rapidly changing mood

Early detection of ADHD in children

If ADHD in children is not detected and treated immediately, the impact that will arise is poor learning achievement, as well as the possibility of mental disorders. If this condition occurs sustained, anxiety disorders and high-level depression are very likely to occur when he enters his teens. In the end, they will have difficulty fostering social interaction with friends or family members.

Not only that, the study also mentioned that people with ADHD have an increased risk of accidents when driving higher than normal people. Girls with ADHD also tend to engage in risky behaviors, such as free making love and illicit drug use.

Well, if you do not want your Little to end up in such a condition, be alert to symptoms or behaviors that refer to ADHD conditions. When the child is proven to do it, let alone to repeatedly, it could not hurt to take him to a specialist or child psychiatrist.

By bringing him to a doctor or psychiatrist, the child can get a full screening and screening. If the results show that the child has ADHD, he will be given treatment in the form of behavioral therapy and drugs to reduce the severity of ADHD symptoms. Ultimately, the child's behavior can return to a normal stage, so that he will have a better and directed mindset.

Do not assume trivial ADHD disorders in children. Perform early detection and immediately take it to a specialist or psychiatrist if you suspect that the Little is suffering from this disorder. You do not want your baby's future dimmed because of ADHD, right?

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