Natural Ways to Overcome Dry Hair

Roseous.comNatural Ways to Overcome Dry HairEveryone wants to have healthy and shiny hair, instead of dry hair that looks stiff, dull, and easily broken. Of course dry hair complaints can interfere with your appearance. There are various ways to deal with dry hair. In addition to using a variety of hair care products, a variety of more natural ways can also be relied upon.

Dry hair conditions often appear for various things, namely:
  1. The scalp does not produce enough oil so the hair becomes easy to dry because the moisture content of hair is reduced.
  2. Hair protective coatings (cuticles) damaged by hair chemicals, including overuse of hair dryers or hair straighteners. If the hair protective coating is damaged, then its ability to withstand the moisture of the hair will be disrupted.
  3. Sun exposure, especially UVA, which is excessive also contribute to dry hair because it can damage the cuticle. As a result, the hair will experience some problems such as reduced hair moisture so that the hair becomes dry, the tip of the hair becomes branched, hair color change, and lack of nutrients. Hair looks so dull.

Natural way to overcome dry hair

It should also be known that the increasing age, oil production in hair was slowly reduced. To prevent it, try giving your hair more attention by doing some tips below.

1. Maintain food intake

Provide nutritional hair from the inside through food. Choose foods that contain good for hair like spinach, salmon, and multiply the consumption of fruit.

2. Enough fluid requirement

Do not forget to drink at least eight glasses of water per day. This habit is not only good for health, but also useful for maintaining healthy hair. The body that lacks fluid will impact the hair dryness.

3. Use a hair moisturizer (conditioner)

After shampooing, use a conditioner to keep the hair moist while keeping the cuticle retains natural oil. Choose a conditioner specially formulated for dry hair types.

4. Try to make your own natural hair mask

Making a natural mask for dry hair is not difficult because you can take advantage of the usual ingredients available in the kitchen. You can make a mask from a mixture of eggs and olive oil, then apply to the hair, let stand for 30 minutes, and then rinse hair with water.

Olive oil is known to contain vitamin E is very good for menutrisi hair by repairing damaged cuticles. Medium eggs contain protein that can repair damaged hair as well as strengthen the hair roots.

5. Cut off the tip of the hair

The tips of branched hair is a problem that often comes to the owner of dry hair. If this happens to your hair, should cut the tip of the hair regularly every two months. This simple way can help hair look healthy and not dull.

6. Do not wash your hair too often

One of the abstinence of dry hair is not to wash it too often because it can aggravate the drought. Also, avoid also rubbing hair too hard when drying hair with a towel. To be more safe, wash your hair every two days.

7. Protect hair from exposure to sunlight

When you have to move outdoors, you should use a head cover to avoid exposure to direct sunlight to the hair.

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Actually dry hair can be caused by genetic factors, but often is due to your own treatment that is less attention to hair health. If you have tried to overcome dry hair by doing the natural ways above but the hair remains dry or even worse, you should make an appointment with a dermatologist in order to be given treatment that suits your condition. If necessary, the doctor will perform various tests to determine whether there is an underlying condition, such as hypothyroidism or malnutrition.
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