Often Forgot, These 3 Vitamins Must Also Be Fulfilled by Mom and Child

Roseous.comOften Forgot, These 3 Vitamins Must Also Be Fulfilled by Mom and ChildFood intake and nutrition is certainly the key to mother and child health, yes.

This can be started since the mother is in the condition of pregnancy preparation, during pregnancy, postpartum, to breastfeeding. After delivery, nutritional intake of children must also be one of the priority.

Often Forgot, These 3 Vitamins Must Also Be Fulfilled by Mom and Child

Apparently, there are several important types of vitamins whose needs are increasing in mothers and children simultaneously.

This is because the mother is in post-pregnancy and breastfeeding conditions make the mother's daily nutritional needs increase.

Meanwhile, newborns up to age 2 years is a golden period where the nutritional needs of children must always be met.

Some important types of nutrients, but rarely met are usually the same type of mother and child. This is quite natural because in one meal dish is usually the type of food consumed in one house more or less the same.

By knowing what are the important vitamins that should be considered by mothers and children, would be very helpful to meet the nutritional needs of mothers and children.

So, what are the important types of vitamins that mothers and children need to satisfy? Come on, we both see below, this!

1. Vitamin D

Both domestically and internationally, most healthcare associations always emphasize the importance of adequate vitamin D intake for mothers.

This is certainly reasonable considering pregnant women often experience vitamin D deficiency caused by vitamin D in the mother's body is used for raw materials bone formation and fetal teeth.

When the baby is born and has passed the period of exclusive breastfeeding, vitamin D to be a vitamin that must be met, not only from breast milk, but also from the right MPASI.

Vitamin D is best met from sun exposure at 8-10 am for at least 15 minutes. However, the fulfillment of vitamin D from exposure to sunlight, later less can be met, but both are very important for mother and child.

For that, try mothers and children aged above 6 months always consume milk and low-fat dairy products. In addition, get used to mother and child to sunbathe or invite children to play outside the house in the morning.

2. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that is often forgotten. In fact, one of the great nutritional content found in vitamin E is a high antioxidant.

If the mother and child get adequate vitamin E intake, then one of the benefits that can be felt is to support the function of various cells in the body to prevent the occurrence of cancer-related diseases.

To fulfill it, mothers and children over the age of 6 months should always get used to eating nuts or processed foods from seeds.

Green beans, red beans, almonds or eating whole wheat bread, can be used for mother and child.

In the daily portion is enough, ie 2-3 servings, adjusted each for the portion of mother and child.

3. Omega 3

If you do not get special attention, then omega 3 will also be easily forgotten. Though omega 3 is an important nutrients needed by mother and child.

Adequate omega 3 intake is able to support the heart health of the mother, brain development of children and fat intake is good for the body.

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Therefore, mothers and children who have consumed MPASI, should choose high-protein foods omega 3, the fish as a choice of the main animal side of the meal.

Keep mothers and children eating fish at least 3-4 times a dish in one week, yes.
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