Orgasm while Pregnant, Dangerous or Precisely Helpful?

Roseous.comOrgasm while Pregnant, Dangerous or Precisely Helpful? Having sex during pregnancy is generally not a prohibited activity, provided that a healthy pregnancy condition and no complaints after sex. So, if sex makes you who are pregnant to have an orgasm, whether this can be harmful or even beneficial for pregnancy?

Orgasm can cause mild muscle contraction. However, do not worry because the contractions will not hurt you or the fetus in the womb. This is because the fetus is protected by the membranes and amniotic fluid that surrounds it. However, one thing a pregnant woman needs to be aware of is whether the doctor allows for sexual activity during pregnancy.

Orgasm while Pregnant, Dangerous or Precisely Helpful?

If there are complications or complications in pregnancy such as a history of miscarriage, placenta previa (placental conditions or placenta covering the birth canal), there is cervical incompetence, or there is a history of premature contractions that may increase the risk of preterm labor, you and your partner are not allowed to do sex and orgasm.

Regarding sex and orgasm during pregnancy

During pregnancy, it's not unusual to feel a different relationship with pregnancy. Hormonal changes during pregnancy will make you feel an increasing sexual desire. However, in the first trimester generally many pregnant women who feel the decrease in sexual desire due to frequent nausea and fatigue.

As you get pregnant, you and your partner should also change positions in sex to stay comfortable. After 4 months of pregnancy, pregnant women will often experience dizziness or nausea if sleeping on their backs. This condition is related to the size of the womb is getting bigger so pressing the large blood vessels that exist behind the uterus. Therefore, changes in position in sex need to be done since this time.

In addition, at the gestational age of the month (week 37 to week 42) when the fetal head has entered the pelvic cavity, you are not encouraged to have sex because it is feared can cause bleeding or early childbirth. Not only that, if there is abnormal vaginal discharge, you and your partner should not have sex and immediately consult a doctor.

During sex, make sure you do not feel pain. When orgasm, there will be a mild contraction in the uterus. If your pregnancy condition is healthy, do not worry because the uterine contractions that arise when orgasm is not strong enough to trigger labor. However, if you experience an increasingly strong and regular contractions, you should immediately contact a doctor. You who are pregnant also may not continue or return to sex in case of bleeding or membranes rupture.

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Pregnancy does not necessarily stop your sexual activity and your partner. Having sex during pregnancy can actually bring many benefits such as helping to release stress, make sleep more sound, reduce the risk of heart disease during pregnancy, and certainly strengthen the relationship with the couple.

Good communication with your partner about your feelings and all your concerns about having sex during pregnancy is very important to do. Thus you and your partner remain comfortable during pregnancy.

So if you are pregnant wondering if having sex is allowed, let alone until you reach orgasm, the answer is safe if the condition of pregnancy is not a problem. However, you still need to consult an obstetrician to see if there are complications or complications in pregnancy.
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