Pregnant Women Lazy Breakfast? These 3 Practical Snacks Substitute Breakfast

Roseous.comPregnant Women Lazy Breakfast? These 3 Practical Snacks Substitute BreakfastWe certainly agree if food intake is a vital thing that should be super attention during pregnancy, yes. However, if pregnant women are lazy breakfast, can the food intake be replaced with a snack?

Breakfast becomes the most challenging meal time for pregnant women. Why not, during the morning, it is very natural that pregnant women experience morning sickness that will lead to the occurrence of nausea vomiting.

Pregnant Women Lazy Breakfast? These 3 Practical Snacks Substitute Breakfast

In addition, pregnant women also tend to experience feeling lazy or tired in the morning.

This condition is mostly influenced by hormones, but do not let pregnant women so sacrifice his nutritional needs in the morning, yes.

For that, if pregnant women are lazy breakfast, some ways to replace his nutritional intake is to eat a breakfast substitute snack.

What is a breakfast substitute snack?

A breakfast substitute snack is a snack option that can supply the initial nutrient intake of pregnant women with small portions, but is nutrient-intensive and consumed more frequently.

A snack that can replace breakfast, of course must have a balanced nutritional composition.

Similar to breakfast, these snacks should contain kabrohydrate, protein, fiber, and vitamins. A well-balanced and balanced nutritious snack will support an optimal early-day metabolism.

Pregnant women can choose a breakfast substitute snack with a menu that is almost the same as breakfast, but consumed in small portions and repeated up to 2-3 times with a pause of several hours and does not make the mother's body experience nausea.

So, what are the snacks that can be consumed by pregnant women to replace breakfast?
Some choices of breakfast substitute snack menu that you can choose, among others:

1. Baked bread with peanut butter or boiled egg, and fresh fruit or vegetables

Bread is the perfect source of carbohydrates to suppress nausea and vomiting.

For the source of protein, pregnant women can choose from peanut butter or boiled eggs. Avoid choosing a side dish with fat or fried because it will make mothers feel nauseated.

For vitamin and fiber intake, mothers can choose bread from whole grains. In addition, the addition of fresh fruit pieces on peanut butter or tomato over the eggs can be a super choice.

Pregnant women can eat these foods in small portions of 1-2 pieces of fresh bread and eat the same menu at 1-2 hours later.

2. Biscuits with natural fruit jam and low fat milk

In addition to being a source of carbohydrates, biscuits can be a powerful snack repel nausea in the morning.

A higher choice of fiber and vitamins, can mom choose by using biscuits from whole grains. Add jam from fresh fruit, such as strawberry or pineapple jam, which does not use sugar or artificial sweeteners.

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To meet the needs of protein, low-fat milk is the right choice, because it can reduce nausea.

If low-fat milk still makes nausea, choose milk with fruit flavor but the sugar content remains low.

3. Soup of dilute broth from vegetables, potato contents, chicken and vegetables

If a thick broth of chicken meat makes pregnant women more and more nauseous and no appetite in the morning. So try the vegetable broth for example carrots or radishes.

Both vegetables are called to have a distinctive sweet and fresh taste. Add fresh onions such as garlic or spring onions, but do not make soup broth soup too thick, yes.

Add potatoes as a source of carbohydrates, skinless chicken and carrots, so that the nutritious soup menu is complete and balanced.
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