Some Ways Masturbation Can Do Women - Some Ways Masturbation Can Do WomenWhat is masturbation? masturbation is an attempt to stimulate the intimate organ to get intimateual satisfaction. In addition, another notion of masturbation is an excitation effort that is done by using tools, or without using tools.

Understanding what it is masturbation may already be familiar in the minds of many people. In terms of a woman's intimateual sensitivity, clitoris (clitoris) plays a very important role. Clitoris is located at the tip of the genitals, right between the inner lips and the outer lips, and hidden in a layer like thin meat (foreskin).

When a woman is intimateually aroused, clitoris will swell and become tense. Clitoris itself has a relatively small size. The only visible part of it is a kind of 'gland'.

This gland, associated with crura (which is about 6 to 7 cm long) and this crura associated with the pelvis. These three parts are actually called clitoris. Meanwhile, the breasts and nipples also have intimateual sensitivity. Putting will become tense if the woman is aroused.


Things to Look For In Masturbation

Before knowing the correct way of masturbation, of course a woman must know what is masturbation or the meaning of masturbation. As explained earlier, the notion of masturbation in women is to stimulate the genital organs to gain satisfaction.

The main purpose of masturbation in women is to enjoy orgasm (the peak of satisfaction) with direct or indirect stimulation of intimateual organs.

There are various ways of masturbation in women. But when it comes to the most important technique, how to masturbate is to stimulate clitoris with your fingers. Look for a quiet place, where you can relax and at the same time concentrate enjoy the sensation of masturbation.

Masturbation can be comfortably done if the atmosphere around it is quiet. Start by imagining things that stimulate your lust while rubbing clitoris. Usually, women imagine a person, a man's dream, or anything that makes him aroused.

How exactly to rub when masturbation in women is the freedom alias everything is left to each individual in the sense of pleasure. Basically, masturbation is the freedom of how one explores the stimulation of oneself.

Try all kinds of rubbing, pressing, twisting, or pinching, and feeling the most comfortable. One of the keys to satisfaction that masturbation means is the creativity and idea of ​​your game while stimulating yourself.

The longer you get aroused, the more your cock gets wetter. You may wet your finger with a pubic or spit fluid to rub the clitoris more slippery. Meanwhile, you can also twist the nipples of the breast with the other hand, or even the other hand also stimulate around the lips of his own genitals.

Try opening the clitoris to make your finger rubs even more noticeable. In order to stimulate the atmosphere of stimulation, read also erotic readings. This will make you more fantasizing that accelerates the achievement of orgasm.

The Meaning of Masturbation is Triggering Orgasm in Various Ways

The culmination of masturbation is orgasm. How do you know when it reaches satisfaction (orgasm)? Orgasm is a relief as the culmination of the tingling pleasure gleaned from intimateual stimulation in the form of muscles that twisted many times. When your body starts to move while the delicious flavor flows throughout the body, it's when you start to feel an orgasm.

Meanwhile, the clitoris, the genitalia and the rectal opening will stiffen over and over during orgasm. The possibility of your intimateual organs becomes so sensitive that you can not bear to rub it anymore because it is so amused.

But there are also women who immediately able to rub her clitoris again after orgasm to achieve further enjoyment.

Orgasm can be the peak of satisfaction and pleasure both physically and emotionally. You can whimper during or after orgasm. Let all emotions come out during orgasm, because then you will feel more relaxed and relaxed. Concentrate thoughts on the enjoyment achieved.

How To Masturbate Others

  • Shower

The most widely used place for women to masturbate is shower. Probably because when showering in the shower, women are easily aroused. If the tip of the shower can be moved and direct the water spray to the genitals and also on the clitoris then the stimulus is also increasing.

Arrange the hot water and pressure spray according to taste. This activity is best started with a spray that is not too hard until later on slowly improving. The harder the water spray, the more it feels on the clitoris.

Warm water is usually the most comfortable to use. Many women can reach orgasm within minutes by direct shower spray on their clitoris.

  • Jacuzzi

If you can use the jacuzzi personally, try to enjoy the spray of water it emits. Face to the wall from where the water radiates and apply the vagina near the spray of water.

Be careful not to get too close to the water hole, because the bursts of water can be very loud. Start from a little distance, if still less felt in your pubic organ, advance a little until it really fits with taste.

  • Vibrator

Vibrator is usually used for massaging, can also be used for masturbation. No need to touch directly to clitoris, but simply by moving the movement on the outside of the vagina or use a special vibrator made for masturbation.

Another key in masturbation is to familiarize yourself with aids such as vibrators. Just after you get used to it, slowly gently touch the genitals. Never once put a sharp object, can be broken or dirty.

Alternatively use a safe and soft dildo. If you wear a dildo, wrap it with a condom. Dildos are made of pliable plastic or rubber, usually in the shape of a penis complete with muscle strokes like the original.

In order to feel pleasure using a dildo, first rub your clitoris first until tense, then enter the dildo into the vagina.

If your vagina still feels dry, apply lotion. Slowly move the dildo out into the vagina while the other hand continues to stimulate clitoris. There is a dildo equipped with a clitoral incisor, so that every time it is pressed in, the dildo will swipe at your clitoris and it will help bring intimateual satisfaction.

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