Soy for Men's Health, Comrade or Foe? - Soy for Men's Health, Comrade or Foe? Soy is one of the most popular beans in Asia, including Indonesia. Processed can be a variety of foods, such as soy sauce, tofu, tempeh, to milk.

Soy is a major source of protein and vegetable oil. Historically, this type of nuts have been cultivated since 3500 years ago in East Asia, and only spread to other regions in 1910. Although sourced from Asia, the main soybean producer of the world today is the United States.

Description: Soy for Men's Health, Comrade or Foe?

Currently, soybeans are transformed into one of the most basic daily food items. But unfortunately, there are still many people believe in the myths surrounding soy, so they feel hesitant to eat them.

The myth is particularly evolving and a menacing threat to men. Some say that the content of estrogen in soy can make the hormone testosterone decreased, so that a man can become more feminine.

Donkey, friend or foe?

Launched, a study of 19-year-old men who consumed large amounts of soybeans was associated with the incidence of erectile dysfunction and hypointimateuality. Testosterone levels in men also dropped dramatically.

Related to that, nutritionist Harley Street, Rhiannon Lambert, said that the study was conducted only with one participant who also suffer from type 1 diabetes. This means that there are additional factors that influence the research results.

"We are unlikely to apply a single study's conclusions based on a single male," he said.

On the other hand, some experts say that soy is part of a healthy diet. Although still controversial, they believe that donkeys provide benefits for those who follow a plant-based protein diet.

Not only that, a spokesman for the British Dietetic Association said that consumption of soy products regularly and moderate can also reduce cholesterol levels. This is evident in many studies.

"Soya bean as an alternative to animal fat free milk also has a much higher protein level than nuts or rice beverages marketed as a similar alternative," the agency said in a release.

Keep paying attention to the portion

Soy is a complete source of protein for everyone, including for men. Foods that contain soy can also reduce blood cholesterol levels, so it can help reduce the risk of heart disease.

However, soybeans should still be consumed at the appropriate portion. Experts say that one or two servings of soy in a day is not harmful to most people, be it male or female.

"There are many generations who consume soy milk. Until now, there is no evidence that consumption of soy milk brings bad effects to health. However, anything that is excessive or lacking is not good. So, in principle, make sure all the consumption of nutritious foods remain balanced, not excessive and not too less, including soy milk consumption, "said dr. Alvin Nursalim.

Soybeans are obviously beneficial to the health of men and others. As long as not consumed in excess amount, then this food is certainly good for your body health.

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