Stomach Acid Up, Make Body Limp?

Roseous.comStomach Acid Up, Make Body Limp? Almost every person must have felt the body weak. The weakness can be caused by various things, including the factors of habit or lifestyle and health factors due to the existence of an underlying disease. It is also said that rising stomach acid can also make the body weak. Is that right?

When viewed from the side of the lifestyle, there are some things that can cause a person experiencing body weakness. Starting from the lack of sleep at night, the use of illegal drugs, excessive alcohol intake, physical activity that is too low or too heavy, and unhealthy eating patterns.

Meanwhile, in terms of health, some conditions that can cause weakness include anemia, cancer, heart disease, thyroid disease, depression, and a series of other health conditions.

The link between the rise of stomach acid and the body is weak

One of the health conditions that is also associated with weakness is gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). This condition can occur due to the rise of stomach acid to the esophagus, known as reflux.

Acid acidic fluids can cause irritation of the esophageal surface, causing pain in the pit of the stomach. In addition, GERD can also cause other complaints, among which are excessive and excessive coughing.

Why GERD can cause the body to feel weak? One of the things that can be expected to trigger the feeling of weakness is the lack of time and quality of sleep in people who experience this condition.

The presence of complaints of heartburn and excessive burp on GERD can cause excessive discomfort, which then disrupts sleep or rest. In addition, in a lying position, people with GERD have a higher risk of increased stomach contents to the esophagus compared to sitting or standing positions.

To determine the diagnosis of GERD, doctors may conduct medical interviews to ask for complaints and physical examination of the body thoroughly. In addition, some investigations may also be performed to confirm the diagnosis, including blood and endoscopy if necessary.

If you are diagnosed with GERD, your doctor may prescribe medicines to treat complaints and prevent stomach acid rise.

Do this to prevent a recurrence of GERD

Some things you can do to prevent the rise of stomach acid is to apply a healthy diet and perform physical activity on a regular basis.

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There are several types of foods that need to be avoided. For example, spicy food is known to be one of the triggers of increased stomach acid production. In addition, some other foods can also cause the same, including citrus fruits, chocolate, and foods high in fat.

In addition, regular exercise is also known to support the body's digestive function. Therefore, each individual is advised to do physical activity at least 30-60 minutes per day, with a frequency of at least five times a week.

In addition to the stomach acid due to rise, keep in mind that complaints of weak body can be caused by various diseases. Therefore, if you feel a prolonged limp body, better consult this complaint with a doctor. Thus, we can know the cause and handling that suits your condition.
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