The beauty of Love Behind Marriage Healthy Life - The beauty of Love Behind Marriage Healthy LifeFalling in love is often translated as a feeling of happiness. Despite the need for a struggle, having a healthy relationship with long-term feelings of love, will provide many positive benefits for health, both psychologically and physically.

Falling in love with quality is driven by three factors, namely attraction to the couple, closeness, and commitment. A number of studies reveal a link between a quality love feeling and good health conditions.

While the relationship of love is not qualified, one of them is encouraged by the restraint to the couple so that he felt isolated from social life. This condition can lead to depression in couples.

Therefore, maintain a relationship of love with mutual trust, prioritize honesty, maintain commitment, and still respect and protect each other. Through a good relationship, you can get the benefits of falling in love.

Mental health

A loving long-term relationship, especially in marriage, can activate some parts of the brain. Among these are areas responsible for emotional bonding and reward systems. The pleasure-loving area is also called the dopamine area, and can respond the way you do when someone wins a lot of money. A quality relationship can also reduce brain activity responsible to anxiety. People who marry and survive in marriage have lower risk of depression, and the risk of taking drugs or alcohol is also lower.

Meanwhile, the passionate relationship generally only activates the dopamine area of ​​the brain. Relationships like this are based on physical or intimateual attraction, and usually only cause feelings of pleasure and intimateual desire, not true love or inner satisfaction. When you are just starting a relationship, it is normal to feel this condition. You can continue the relationship to a deeper stage of love, or vice versa, stop at this stage.

Physical Health

One study revealed that people who married well and harmoniously tend to have good health conditions as well, so the frequency of hospitalization or visits to doctors is reduced. This is likely to be driven by the attention and motivation of couples to live healthier lives, such as a healthy and balanced diet.

Falling in love, physical touch, and having a happy marriage also contribute to normal and stable blood pressure, as well as maintaining general health. Research shows that married and happy couples have a lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer's disease, than those who are not married.

Ultimately, a happy married life is supposed to make you live longer, because you feel loved and connected with your loved ones.

To add happiness, it never hurts to always express love to the couple, from the first time in love until now. Although not always runs smoothly, does not mean the argument is an unnatural thing in the life of the household.

The main key is honest and open communication so that both parties can understand each other's desire to live a married life. If there is a difficult problem with your partner, you may need to undergo marriage counseling or consult a psychologist.

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