The Intens Facts During Menstruation - The Intens Facts During MenstruationHaving intens during menstruation does reap the pros and cons. According to certain beliefs in society, making love while a woman is menstruating is prohibited. However, there are certain circles who do so and do not think so.

So, how the medical explanation about intens is done when the woman is coming months?

Description: The Sex Facts During Menstruation

Explanation of Medical Facets

When viewed from a medical point of view, having intens during menstruation has several benefits, including:
  • If you experience symptoms such as cramps, sadness, or depression during menstruation, intens during menstruation may be beneficial. Because during orgasm, you will release the hormone endorphins that seem to reduce some symptoms of pain during menstruation. Endorphins are hormones that can make a person feel happy so that it can relieve depression or bad mood.
  • Having intens during menstruation can also give you more satisfaction. The reason, because of hormonal changes in women who are menstruating so that makes them feel more excited.

Although intens during menstruation is beneficial to you, but there are also risks, including:
  • You are at higher risk of intensually transmitted diseases than having intens outside of menstruation. During menstruation, the condition of the cervix will open, allowing blood to enter into it. This allows the bacteria to get into the pelvic cavity.
  • You are also more likely to transmit HIV disease and hepatitis to a partner during these conditions, because more fluid or blood comes out.
  • Your vagina has a potential Hydrogen (pH) level of 3.8 to 4.5 per month. But during menstruation, the pH level increases as the blood pH level becomes higher, and this causes the yeast or fungus to grow faster. Symptoms of vaginal yeast infection are more likely to occur a week before menstruation, and intensual intercourse at that time may aggravate the symptoms.
  • Intens during menstruation also has a risk to get pregnant. Although small, but still there is a possibility you will become pregnant when having intens without contraception or contraception during menstruation. To avoid pregnancy, use a condom during lovemaking.

Tips In The Variation Of Intens

For you who want to try to have intens during menstruation, you should note the following things, for example:
  • Do not do it when menstrual blood is flowing swiftly like the first day or two, in order to keep your bed hygiene from the blood. To avoid blood stains, you can put a towel-like base. Do not worry too if you see blood clots berkawarna red or dark brown during or after intens, because it is normal.
  • You can try to use a female condom that can help reduce the amount of blood that may come out during intens. In addition, you can also try a useful missionary position to limit the flow of blood that comes out.
  • Making love under the shower can also be an option. However, it still has risks, such as blood will be scattered in your body as well as couples. When you have intens during menstruation, make sure your partner does not feel disgusted with the blood, so that intens activity is not disturbed.

But once again keep in mind, having intens during menstruation can pose its own risk, especially if it is not done safely. For those of you who want to channel passion, but do not want to have intens involving penetration, there are other alternatives you can try, such as:
  • Sensual massage. You do not need to be good at massaging like a masseuse in general. Massage here is more intended to tease the couple and raise the libido. Massage slowly your sensitive parts of your partner's body, especially the thighs and buttocks. You can also stimulate your partner by touching the nipples are also sensitive.
  • Shared bath can also be an option. You can clean the body and hair. The sensation given while bathing with a partner will be able to maintain and arouse the intens drive that exists. Shared baths can give gentle touches to couples to glue intimacy and be an option when you are menstruating. However, make sure your partner does not feel disgusted at the sight of your menstrual blood.

Intens is important in domestic affairs. However, do not make it as a burden. If you feel uncomfortable having intens during menstruation, tell your partner. Fostering husband and wife relationship is not solely related to the affairs of the bed. Many other things you and your partner can do to create a romantic atmosphere. On the other hand, if you and your partner feel comfortable doing so, then have intensual intercourse during menstruation with love.

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