This is what the partial blind sufferers feel

Roseous.comThis is what the partial blind sufferers feelMost color blind people experience partial color blindness. Very few actually experience total color blindness. The characteristics of color blind people are to have different perceptions about color, and can not distinguish a particular color.

Color blindness is usually characterized by the difficulty of naming colors since childhood, in contrast to friends of his age who can identify colors easily.

This is what the partial blind sufferers feel

Recognizing Causes of Partial Color Blindness

Broadly speaking, there are two types of color blindness, namely partial color blindness and total or partial color blindness. Partial color blindness may have difficulty distinguishing part of the color. Then there is also total color blindness, often known as monochromatic vision, marked by not being able to see the color at all.

Partial color blindness usually occurs due to hereditary factors that are inherited from families with abnormalities in the fotopigment, the molecule that detects color in conical cells on the retina.

In addition to heredity, color blindness can also be caused by damage due to exposure to chemicals, or physical injury to:
  • Eye
  • The visual nerve
  • Parts of the brain that process color information

The combination of age and cataracts, also contributes to a person can experience color blindness.

Understanding Partial Color Blindness Classification

In its classification, partial color blindness has two classes, the first is color blindness or the difficulty of discriminating colors on the red-green gradation, and the second is blue-yellow blind.

Red-green blindness is caused by the absence or reduced function of red conical cells or green cones. Color blind of this type is divided into four kinds, namely:

  • Deuteranopi

There is no green cone cells making this condition likely to see red to yellow brown and green to be cream.

  • Protanopia

There is no red conical cell making the red color look black. While the color orange and green will look yellow. They are also difficult to distinguish between purple and blue.
  • Protanomali
There is a disturbance of red photopigment function so that the color orange, red, and yellow look darker resembling green color. This mild condition is estimated to be experienced by about one percent of men and not so influential on daily activities.

  • Deuteranomali

Deuteranomali people see the color green and yellow to reddish and difficult to distinguish purple and blue. This harmless condition is caused by an abnormal blue fotopigment. Approximately five percent of men with color blindness suffer from this condition. Whereas, blue-yellow blindness is caused by the loss or malfunction of blue cone photo pigments (tritan). Color blind of this type is divided into two kinds, namely:

  • Tritanomali

There is a disruption of the function of blue fotopigmen make this situation pengidap blue color looks more green, and difficult to distinguish yellow and red. This condition is very rarely experienced, both by men and women.

  • Tritanopia

There is not enough blue cone cells that cause the blue color to appear more green and the yellow color appears to be purple or light gray. This condition is also very rarely experienced, both by men and women.

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Partial color blindness can not be cured, since it is impossible to replace the conical cells of the retina. As long as it does not interfere with most of the daily activities, this condition does not require special treatment because it does not cause chronic health problems.

However, if partial or total color blindness is caused by the consumption of certain drugs or pre-existing health conditions, then this condition needs special treatment by the physician. Consult the problem of partial color vision blindness to ophthalmologists, to get the right recommendations, to help adapt the daily activities.
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