Tips for Caring for Breast so that Mother's Milk Will Exit Smoothly

Roseous.comTips for Caring for Breast so that Mother's Milk Will Exit SmoothlyBreast milk is a staple food of infants rich in nutritional and healthy. In order for the baby's nutritional intake is met, needed enough milk to improve her metabolism. It is better for mothers to eat nutritious foods and treat their breasts as early as possible so that milk production becomes smooth.

Breast care as early as possible can help improve milk production after delivery.

Before further discussing breast care, let's look at when breast starts to produce Breast milk and when Breast milk starts to come out.

Tips for Caring for Breast so that Mother's Milk Will Exit Smoothly

Actually when did Breast milk start coming out?

Milk production begins around midway through pregnancy. For most mothers, breast milk will "come" (increase in quantity and start changes from colostrum to mature breast milk) between 2 and 5 day.

Does milk come out during childbirth?

Yes! Colostrum is being produced from about 16-22 weeks gestation, although many mothers do not realize that there is milk in the breast, as it may not leak or be easily removed. Pregnant 9 months breast milk has not come out.

Colostrum is an early concentrate milk full of nutrients and antibodies against disease. Colostrum provides everything your baby needs in the early days after birth. Your baby's stomach is very small at birth, and the amount of colostrum (the gradual transition to mature milk after your milk comes in) is perfect for your baby's needs. The average intake of colostrum by healthy infants increased from 2-10 mL per meal in the first 24 h to 30-60 mL (1-2 oz / ounce) per meal at the end of day 3 (ABM 2009).

Breast milk out during pregnancy how many months?

When does the milk come out. Sometimes breastfeeding begins to come out at the age of 6 or 7 months, but possibly because of the condition of galactorrhea, is the discharge of fluids like milk that is not related to milk production as during breastfeeding. There are several conditions that can trigger the condition, in part because of excessive breast stimulation, the effects of certain drugs, excessive hormone prolactin, thyroid hormone disorders, and the influence of pituitary gland disorders.

When is breast milk coming out?

When it comes out first, it's still uncertain when milk can come out, it's just that many say that the new milk will come out on the second or fourth day, because at the time before the birth of the body has begun preparing mother's milk, even at the time the age of the womb begins to enter the second trimester. But initially colostrum milk will come out a little, but after stimulated by the baby's mouth, then the milk will come out smoothly. Therefore it is very important to initiate breastfeeding early after the baby is born, such as meilansir Babyologist.

Well, so that breast milk is released by many and healthy mothers, the following is how to care for the breast so that breast milk comes out smoothly;

Tips Breast Care

Here are breast care tips that you can do:

1. 3 months pregnancy

Normally the nipple will stick out to make it easier for the baby to suck milk. Gently massage the nipple base so that the nipples are not flat or go inside. If the nipple remains in or flat, it should be done since 3 months pregnancy. The trick is to use two index fingers or thumb to massage the nipple in the opposite direction towards the base of the breast all the breast area. Do it twice a day for 6 minutes.

2. Pregnancy 6-9 months

At 6-9 months of pregnancy, you can do breast care, how to:
  • Dampen both palms with coconut oil
  • Compress the nipples to the areola mamae (dark area around the nipple) with coconut oil for 2-3 minutes so that the dirt or crust sticking to soften and can be easily cleaned. Do not clean nipples with alcohol or other ingredients that may irritate, dry, and blisters
  • Hold both nipples and pull and rotate inward and outward (clockwise and counterclockwise)
  • Hold the base of the breast with both hands, then massage to the nipple 30 times a day.
  • Massage both of the mama's areola to 1-2 hips
  • Both nipples and the surroundings were cleaned with dry and clean towels
  • Use Buste Hounder (BH) is sufficient and supportive breast, do not wear a tight bra and pressing the breast.

Benefits of Breast Care

In addition to increasing milk production, there are still many other benefits of breast care during pregnancy, such as the following:
  • Breast hygiene, especially the nipple more awake
  • Strengthens and flexes the nipples to make it easier for the baby to suckle
  • Prepare the psychic or mental mother for breastfeeding
  • Stimulate the mammary gland so that milk production smoothly and much
  • Can detect early if there are abnormalities in the breast so that can do the treatment as soon as possible.

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If breast care is only done before labor or after giving birth, it will cause a lot of harm to the mother and baby, such as:
  • Breast milk does not come out or just come out after the second day of giving birth or more
  • Breast milk production is small so that the baby is not enough to eat it
  • The nipple sucks inward so the baby has difficulty sucking
  • It triggers an infection of the breast, festering, or swollen
  • A lump in the breast appears.

It turns out many benefits to take care of breast, yuk Bunda, breast care for breast milk out smoothly!
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