Tips for Choosing a Gynecologist for the Good of your Fetus

Roseous.comTips for Choosing a Gynecologist for the Good of your FetusThe search for the right gynecologist often has problems especially for women who are pregnant for the first time. The lack of knowledge about how to choose the best obstetrician makes newly pregnant women change frequently with obstetricians.

You should not choose an obstetrician originally. You should try to choose the best obstetrician because your fetus is entitled to get everything good before she is born. And the first thing to do is to find and choose the best obstetrician.

Tips on choosing the best obstetrician

If you do not want to regret in the future, follow the tips below in order to get the best obstetrician.

1. Get a gynecologist's references

Choosing an obstetrician based on the experience of a friend or family member is one of the safest ways to find a good obstetrician. Through the experience of friends or family who have already received treatment from the obstetrician, you will get honest answers ?? for every question and the most realistic expectations about what is expected of your obstetrician.

2. See the commitment to attend the birth

A good obstetrician will not leave you to take care of yourself. Conversely, a good obstetrician will hold a commitment to help your delivery process at any time. Do not choose a gynecologist with a tighter attendance hour.

3. Pay attention to the policy of obstetrician

Find out all the policies that are or are still pros and cons among obstetricians. Discuss these things and notice the answers your obstetrician gives you. Such activities may also be incorporated into obstetrician consultation sessions. That way, you'll know which policy your obstetrician is in. Then think about whether it suits you.

4. Choose your obstetrician gender according to your decision

Most women decide to choose a female obstetrician. This may be because a female obstetrician can understand your needs better than a male obstetrician. In addition, religious reasons also become one of the causes of the number of women who choose a female obstetrician.

5. Find out the credibility of your obstetrician

You need to know all the information related to the credibility of an obstetrician. Find out which university the obstetrician is from. Then examine the accreditation of the specialist obstetrician at the university.

Obstetricians who are top university graduates in Indonesia often have good skills and positive reputation. You also need to make sure your obstetrician is registered with IDI (Indonesian Doctors Association). And make sure he does not have a history of malpractice claims or disciplinary action.

6. See their flying hours

Experience is the best teacher is true. So, it is advisable to choose a gynecologist who has had a long experience and of course dnegan good reputation.

7. Note the attitude of obstetrician

It does not matter who your obstetrician is. Their manners and concerns are paramount besides the skills and knowledge they possess. Without a warm and caring attitude, you will feel uncomfortable and anxious during labor. Try to pick someone who best suits your personality.

8. Check the quality of hospital services and facilities

As good as anything your specialist doctor will be less than optimal if not supported by the quality of service and hospital facilities where the doctor is working. Thoroughly also about the hospital's history. Is the hospital preferring 'money' or a sense of humanity.

9. Choose a gynecologist with the appropriate specialization

If you are a pregnant woman with certain medical conditions, you probably already know that you will have a distraction before delivery. If this is the case you are experiencing then choose an obstetrician with the appropriate specialization.

For example, if you have a TORCH problem then choose an obstetrician with a TORCH specialty. You can see it in the doctor's degree or ask the hospital.

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10. See reviews of the patients ever handled

Reference of obstetrician from family and friends is enough. However, there is no harm if it is equipped with reviews from other people who are also your obstetrician's patient.

It also ensures that your family or friends' opinions are the same opinions from others. You can find out through online forums or ask other people who are also waiting in line for an examination with your doctor.
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