Tips for Pregnant Women With Diabetes

Roseous.comTips for Pregnant Women With DiabetesPregnant diabetics should pay attention to health and blood sugar levels more regularly. No need to worry about the health of mothers and children, if tips pregnant women with diabetes is applied.

Pregnancy has become a challenge for mothers. Especially if the prospective mother was diabetic, either type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes. In addition to having to deal with changes in the body, pregnant women with diabetes should also be careful in monitoring and controlling blood sugar levels.

Tips for Pregnant Women With Diabetes

How to Maintain Blood Sugar During Pregnancy

It is important for pregnant women with diabetes to maintain and control blood sugar well, thus increasing the chances of giving birth to healthy babies.

In addition, controlling blood sugar during pregnancy is also very influential in reducing the incidence of other problems due to diabetes. Here are some tips pregnant women in keeping blood sugar for pregnancy to stay fluent:
  • Before pregnancy, consult your physician first to check the effects of diabetes on the body, get advice on how to keep blood sugar, change drugs if necessary, and other suggestions.
  • While pregnant, seek consultation with a physician, from obstetrician, nutrition specialist, and specialist doctor. Pregnant women with diabetes should consult their physician frequently to prevent or detect problems early.
  • Pregnancy or antenatal care checks, including ultrasound and blood tests, may be needed to monitor fetal growth and development.
  • Routine to check blood sugar levels of the body. Pregnant makes the body needs more energy, blood sugar levels can change very quickly. Therefore, pregnant women are encouraged to frequently check blood sugar levels.
  • Consumption of drugs or insulin as recommended by physician. Do not forget to be ready to source quick sugar like sweet candy, if at any time blood sugar drops too fast.
  • It is recommended to apply a healthy diet. Doctors will advise to arrange foods and beverages consumed to prevent high or low blood sugar levels. For example, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, meat, nonfat dairy products, nuts, fish, and foods containing folic acid. Tips pregnant women with diabetes this one is very important to maintain the stability of blood sugar levels.
  • Exercise while pregnant at least 30 minutes a day, for five days a week. However, it is best to consult a physician to determine the appropriate type and intensity of exercise.

Possible Complications in Pregnant Women with Diabetes

Uncontrolled blood sugar levels in pregnant women with type 1 or type 2 diabetes can cause various complications in the mother and baby in the womb. These complications include the following:
  • The baby's body size in the womb larger than it should (macrosomia), can cause difficulty to give birth normally. Pregnant women should also be induced or delivered by caesarean section.
  • Right after delivery, blood sugar levels in infants are likely to be very low.
  • Calcium and magnesium levels in the baby's body may be unbalanced.
  • Influence the formation of baby organs in the womb, to cause defects of the brain, spine, heart, and nervous system.
  • Miscarriage
  • The baby is born prematurely or dies in the womb.
  • The baby has health problems immediately after birth, such as heart problems or
  • Babies are at risk of developing obesity or diabetes later on.

In addition, other complications that can occur are preeclampsia, which can cause seizures or stroke in pregnant women.

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Therefore, it is important to control blood sugar levels during pregnancy, to stay healthy, and the delivery process can run smoothly. Consult your doctor to get the right treatment.
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