Tips Improve Child Intelligence Since in Content

Roseous.comTips Improve Child Intelligence Since in ContentNot a few parents who deliberately provide education to the Small since his age is still early. It aims to keep the child's intelligence level growing optimally until he grows up.

It is not wrong. However, it would be better if the "educational values" that lead to intelligence can be given when the Little is still in the womb. Yes, because the intelligence of children can be programmed since he was still a fetus!

Tips Improve Child Intelligence Since in Content

Tips to improve the intelligence of children

The role of the mother is very important in building and improving children's intelligence, including when the Little is still in the womb. This means, pregnant women have to work extra if you want to give birth to a smart and smart child.

In connection with make it happen, here are some tips that can be applied:

1. Eat a healthy and nutritious balanced diet

The best way to improve the intelligence of the fetus in the womb is to consume healthy foods every time. A pregnant woman is advised to eat foods rich in folic acid (cereals, spinach, and others), omega-3s especially DHA (fish, beans, and eggs), and iron (red meat).

All these nutrients are proven to help the body's growth and brain development, so that he can be born with normal and have optimal intelligence.

One thing to note, pregnant women need to consume all the menus that have the content of nutrients above with a balanced portion. Do not overdo it, let alone to less.

If it is perceived that food consumed can not meet the nutritional needs every day, pregnancy supplements containing vitamin B and folic acid can be used as an alternative. However, before taking supplements or other types of drugs during pregnancy, you should consult with your doctor first.

2. Keep moving on

Perform physical activity during pregnancy can help the birth process later, also helped optimize the growth of fetus body and brain in the womb.

This is evidenced by the study published by the Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine. Researchers say that children who come from mothers who do physical activity during pregnancy have the ability to talk and intelligence is higher. This makes the experts recommend that pregnant women to exercise effectively for 30 minutes every day. Some types of sports that can be done, such as walking, yoga, gymnastics, or other appropriate conditions of pregnancy.

3. Implement a healthy lifestyle at all times

Fetal brain development begins early, ie at the age of gestation-ranging from 3 weeks. Gestational age is calculated from the first day of the last menstruation of the mother.

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For that reason, a mother is strongly encouraged to apply a healthy lifestyle early in pregnancy. Healthy lifestyle in question include: actively moving, eating healthy and balanced nutrition, not smoking or drinking alcohol, adequate rest, avoid stress, and perform periodic antenatal checks.

Do the above tips carefully, so the results can be more leverage. Do not hesitate if you want to combine it with the advice given by your pregnancy doctor who took care of you. Thus, the intelligence of children can continue to grow since they are in the womb, until he grew up.
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