Why Do Women Have to Take Notes and Remember the Menstrual Cycle?

Roseous.com - Why Do Women Have to Take Notes and Remember the Menstrual Cycle? During this time women tend to be indifferent to the menstrual cycle or menstruation experienced. In fact, so not attention, many women who are not ready with the pads so often leak and penetrate into the underwear. And if the menstrual period per month they can get ready so close to the date.

Every month, the menstrual cycle can be fixed or advanced and backward. If women do not know this it would be hard to get ready. Recording should therefore be done well to support intensual and reproductive health.

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Description: Why Do Women Have to Take Notes and Remember the Menstrual Cycle?

1. Knowing there is an interruption or not

Every woman has a different menstrual cycle. This cycle does not fit 30 days as many people believe. The shortest menstrual cycle of women is usually 24 days. Meanwhile, the longest cycle is 32 days. If you record each month of the cycle, the time period will be visible.

If every month there is a change of time either too backward or forward from the normal cycle date, you should be wary. There may be a disturbance in the body either because of mild illness, stress, or serious disorders.

2. Make it easy for women to get an orgasm

The second and third weeks of the menstrual cycle are when the estrogen level in women is high. Hormones make women so easily aroused and high passion. If making love is done in this period the chances of women getting a very large orgasm.

Therefore, women are advised to make love in these weeks with more frequency. If both parties are equally passionate during making love, the possibility of intense bed activity will be high. So, note carefully the date of menstruation correctly.

3. Know when the fertile period

One of the biggest problems of the pregnancy program is not the fertility rate of men and women alone. There are other factors that cause women difficult to get pregnant. The cause of it is the timing of intercourse that is less precise.

If making love is done when a woman has not ovulated, the possibility of conception is very small. Therefore, couples should know when any fertile period will occur. From the date of menstruation, they can guess the period of ovulation so intense making love can be done at that time for a high chance of pregnancy.

4. Be alert with PMS

Every month women experience PMS with different levels of pain. There are ordinary course that can move smoothly. However, not a few who experience pain with high intensity and make them to limp to faint.

Knowing the date of menstruation will make women get ready with the possibility of bad PMS. For example always provide pain medication or more at home because if the outside can be dangerous and make the body can be injured if it fell.

5. Know when sports intensely

Some women often experience weight gain during menstruation or before. To overcome this they usually do sports intention outside the menstrual schedule that runs 3-7 days.

Exercise at 2 or 3 weeks on the menstrual cycle will make women burn more fat. They can get the ideal body shape easily. By exercising the flow of blood throughout the body can improve so organ function also runs smoothly.

Hopefully the above reviews are helpful and make you more alert with the menstrual cycle that is being experienced especially those that have quite intense PMS.

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