Yoga, Sport to Relieve Parkinson's Disease

Roseous.comYoga, Sport to Relieve Parkinson's DiseaseHave you done yoga today? Sports are known to have a myriad of benefits to support the health of the body. In fact, some studies say that yoga is also able to relieve symptoms of Parkinson's disease, you know!

Yoga is one type of sport that is old enough. According to dr. Astrid Wulan Kusumoastuti, a yoga known today and practiced in general is a form of physical activity that includes meditation, breathing arrangements, and posture.

Yoga, Sport to Relieve Parkinson's Disease

"The aspects that become the focus of yoga is muscle strength training and flexibility," said dr. Astrid.

Further, dr. Astrid explains that yoga has physiological and psychological benefits.

The physiological benefits of yoga include:
  • Increase body flexibility (bones and muscles)
  • Improve your posture
  • Increases muscle endurance and strength
  • Improve the capacity and effectiveness of the respiratory system
  • Improves agility and agility
  • Improve motor visual coordination
  • Improve the balance of the body
  • Maintain the immune system

Meanwhile, the psychological benefits of yoga are as follows:
  1. Improves concentration
  2. Makes memory better
  3. Decreases the risk of depression and anxiety
  4. Improving subjective perceptions subjectively

These mutually sustainable benefits will have an excellent effect on curing or managing the disease, one of which is Parkinson's.

Yoga for Parkinson's disease

Quoted from Psychology Today, a recent study published in Complementary and Alternative Medicine states that yoga is beneficial for people with Parkinson's disease.

Mentioned that the type of yoga used in research is Hatha yoga. It is a type of yoga that combines mind and body in a series of posture with breathing, so as to encourage the mind in a better direction. Hatha yoga is also able to improve balance and alignment of body, fitness, endurance, relaxation, and psychological well-being.

Parkinson who became a participant was asked to attend Hatha yoga class twice a week. While in the classroom, they should perform modified postures and good breathing patterns while sitting, standing and supine, in accordance with the instructions of a certified yoga therapist.

After eight weeks, people with Parkinson who attended yoga classes to the end, proved to have increased mobility and stability significantly. This means, their body balance becomes more awake, so the risk of falling into very small or none at all.

Tips yoga for people with Parkinson's

Well, if you are a Parkinson who wants to participate in a yoga class, be sure to look for a practice site that has a certified therapist. It is intended that you can get additional training in accordance with existing health conditions.

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In addition, people with Parkinson who have been taking regular yoga classes regularly should take medicine given by their doctors. Thus, the benefits will be felt to be more optimal again.

So, for people with Parkinson's who want their quality of life to be well preserved, a combination of drug consumption and exercise of yoga can be the answer. In addition to both, do not forget to always apply a healthy lifestyle and control to the doctor on a regular basis, yes!
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