4 Problems That Can Occur After Intimate Relationships

Roseous.com - 4 Problems That Can Occur After Intimate Relationships. Intimate relationship is a form of expression of love for married couples. This positive activity is believed to provide many positive effects, because it triggers the brain to instruct the body to release endorphins, aka hormones of happiness.

According to Dr. Gift of Ramadhan, the dominance of endorphins in the body can create a feeling of happiness, a feeling of comfort and calm.

Description: Description: Problems That Can Occur After Intimate Relationships
Problems That Can Occur After Intimate Relationships
"When you feel that, your body will become healthier. Blood pressure, blood sugar, and stomach acid will also be normal, "said Dr. Ramadan.

But behind that, intimate relationships can also cause some complaints to you or your partner. Reporting from Prevention, here are some conditions that can occur after intercourse:

1. Pain and aches

It's true that making love shouldn't hurt. But in reality, it can trigger pain and make the body sore. That can happen for various reasons.

"The act of physical contact or intensual activity releases oxytocin, and causes uterine contractions. Vaginal dryness, stress, and health conditions like endometriosis can make you feel sick after have making love," surgeon and gynecologist Jennifer Ashton said.

If pain, aches and cramps appear occasionally, then you don't need to worry. However, if the complaint starts to interfere with intensual activity, you and your partner must consult a doctor. The pain that persists after have making love in women can be a sign of endometriosis, fibroids, or even ovarian cancer.

2. Burning sensation on the genitals

You may feel a burning sensation in the genitals after have making love. According to Ashton, this condition may occur due to swelling of the vaginal tissue.

"Because the urethra is very close to the'vagina, it can cause a burning sensation in a temporary period," he said.

If the complaint only occurs briefly, it means you are safe. However, if the burning sensation occurs continuously and lasts for several days, you should immediately see a doctor.

3. Blood spots appear

According to Ashton, the most common cause of the appearance of blood spots after intensual intercourse is inflammation of the contracting cervix. The'vagina can also be slightly torn if you do a rough making love pattern.

"Blood from the inflamed cervix is ​​usually bright red. But if you see darker blood, don't panic. Maybe it's an old menstrual blood coming from your uterus, "said Ashton.

4. Itching on the genitals

Genital skin that itches after intensual intercourse may occur, especially if you have skin that is sensitive to the lubricant or condom used.

If you experience these complaints repeatedly or accompanied by other symptoms, you should immediately see a doctor. Medical disorders that may hide behind the condition are latex allergies or genital contact.

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You can experience some of the complaints above after having intens. Even so, you don't need to be afraid especially to avoid intensual activity with a partner. You only need to prepare well, and do it in a safe and non-violent way. If you are in doubt, there is nothing wrong if you want to consult further with a specialist in intimate relations and andrology.

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