7 Important Health Checks Before Pregnancy

Roseous.com - 7 Important Health Checks Before PregnancyHealth check before pregnancy is the main thing and very important in pregnancy preparation. Plan to do this health check with your husband before you get pregnant. This pregnancy test can help doctors to see the possibility of genetic negligence and other similar things.

Pre-pregnancy health checks are useful to ensure that you are healthy, thus supporting healthy fetal development and growth. Maybe you will be asked about your medical history, family, spouse, medications being used, and lifestyle. It is important to know the obstetrician to be able to find out the health check you need to do.

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Some health checks before getting pregnant

Health examination is the first preparation for pregnancy. Health checks before pregnancy are important to ensure you, and your fetus will have a healthy pregnancy.

The following are some health checks before getting pregnant:

1. Blood test

Pre-pregnancy health checks in the form of blood tests are the most common things done to patients. This blood test aims to monitor whether there is a genetic disorder. You and your partner can carry hereditary diseases without realizing it.

Blood tests to see genetic disorders that doctors often recommend such as cystic fibrosis and Tay-Sachs disease. The cystic fibrosis test aims to determine the presence of thick mucus that can damage organs.

The Tay-Sachs disease test aims to monitor the potential for things that can destroy nerve cells in the body. If you and your partner turn out to have a positive genetic disorder then you should choose to take an IVF so that testing can be done on the embryo.

2. Blood sugar test

Another important health check before pregnancy is a blood sugar test. Through a blood sugar test, the doctor can find out if you and your partner have diabetes.

Detection of potential diabetes is important because patients with poorly controlled diabetes have an increased risk of excessive fetal growth during pregnancy. Your baby can potentially have very low blood sugar after birth if one of his parents has diabetes.

Opportunities for childbirth and caesarean section also increase. Through a blood sugar test conducted for three months, you and your doctor will know your blood sugar levels. The doctor can provide a solution if it turns out you or your partner is positive for diabetes.

3. Thyroid function tests

You need to do a health check in the form of thyroid function tests. This is quite important for fetal development. If you suffer from hypothyroidism, then your body does not have enough thyroid hormone. Thyroid hormone deficiency will inhibit fetal development to develop normally.

4. Pap smear test

Pap smear tests should be done by women who want to get pregnant. This health check is quite important because it involves health in the area of ​​pregnancy, namely the cervix or cervix.

Through a pap smear test, the doctor can detect problems with the cervix or cervix. A pap smear test will take samples of cells in the cervix and then be examined. Doctors can find out if your cervix has an infection or has abnormal cells that have the potential to become cancer cells.

5. STI test

The health check in the form of STI (Intensually Transmitted Infections) test is a type of test that is important to be carried out in preparation for a healthy pregnancy. The STI test aims to detect the presence of intensually transmitted diseases.

This intensually transmitted disease can interfere with the oviduct and make it difficult to get pregnant. In addition, HIV, Hepatitis B or C can be transmitted to babies. While syphilis can cause abnormalities in infants. Therefore, women who have been active in intensual intercourse and also in preparation for pregnancy are encouraged to take the STI test.

6. TORCH test

The TORCH test which stands for Toxoplasma, Rubella, Cytomegalovirus and Herpes Simplex Virus is a type of health check that is quite familiar among women who are preparing a healthy pregnancy.

Never underestimate this test because the TORCH test has the benefit of preventing TORCH infections. TORCH infection can cause a risk of miscarriage and disability in infants.

7. Examination of drug therapy used

You need to check all types of drugs you consume. This can be done in consultation with your obstetrician. Consult all types of diseases and drug therapies that you are currently undergoing. Then the obstetrician will analyze the types of medicines that are safe for you and your fetus later.

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