7 Pregnancy Obstacles that are Often Ignored by Couples

Roseous.com - 7 Pregnancy Obstacles that are Often Ignored by Couples. Getting a pregnancy is not as easy as imagined. Only having intense making love or having a fertile body does not necessarily make a woman pregnant. There are many factors that affect pregnancy so couples must pay attention to many factors so that the desired pregnancy can be obtained easily.

If you and your partner often experience interference while running a pregnancy program, there may be some obstacles that are often overlooked. These obstacles can cause reducing fertilization so you can't just ignore it. The following are pregnancy inhibitors in complete women.

Description: Description: 7 Pregnancy Obstacles that are Often Ignored by Couples
7 Pregnancy Obstacles that are Often Ignored by Couples
1. Too often intercourse

Frequent intercourse will not immediately increase the chance of getting a pregnancy from a woman. Excessive making love like doing it every day is bad for sperm health because there is no regeneration and maturation when released.

Normally, sperm will be re-produced to a maximum and mature for 2-3 days. So, it's better to have making love every 2-3 days. Maximize the number of quality sperm, do not do it many times until it reaches.

2. Don't know the right making love time

Making love time is quite crucial so the couple cannot do it carelessly. If done carelessly, they will find it difficult to fertilize quickly. Have making love 1-2 days before ovulation occurs.

Why should it be 1-2 days before ovulation? The reason is that there are two, first, eggs that are owned by women can only live for 12-24 hours. More than that, it cannot be done. Furthermore, sperm can live in the uterus for up to 5 days. With a long life time, sperm can wait for the egg to come out so fertilization can occur immediately.

3. Have intensually transmitted diseases
Making loveually transmitted diseases cause women to experience infection in their reproductive system. This condition causes fertilization cannot occur. In fact, making love is very risky because of health problems.

Meanwhile in men, viruses that enter the body can interfere with sperm and their production. This disorder can cause sperm produced to be unhealthy and seized with a virus that can spread to a woman's body.

4. There is interference with sperm

There are many disorders that occur in sperm. The disorder consists of a volume that is not large to the movement and structure of DNA disorders. Quality sperm must be 20 million cells per milliliter. Furthermore, the form and DNA carried by sperm do not experience interference.

5. Excessive obesity

Excessive obesity causes a lot of interference. In women, obesity will make it difficult for ovulation and hormonal disorders can occur. Meanwhile in men, obesity disorders can cause them to produce sperm in small amounts and are not qualified. In addition, male making love drive will also decrease.

6. Can't stop smoking and alcohol

Men who cannot stop smoking and consume alcohol will experience sperm production. Free radicals that come from cigarettes can enter and interfere with quality and maturity. The same thing also happens to women when smoking, the uterus will experience a decrease in quality.

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7. Too tired and stressful

The last thing that is often overlooked because it is considered normal is tired. This condition can cause men and women to experience libido disorders. In addition, sperm production and health from the uterus can decrease. Only have making love when the body is healthy so that all pregnancy processes can run smoothly.

Here are seven pregnancy barriers that couples often overlook. If you might do one of the above, try to leave and change the process of getting a baby to run smoothly.

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