Do These 5 Things to Prevent Verbal Violence in Children - Do These 5 Things to Prevent Verbal Violence in Children. Verbal violence to children is something that cannot be ignored. Whether done by yourself as a parent or other party, violence against children can damage their future. The effect can propagate on both physical and psychological.

"Violence against children is doing something that can harm children or make children at risk of being injured. This can be done by adults and children his age. "It can be physical, intensual or emotional violence, abandoning children is also a form of violence against children," said Dr. Anita Amalia Sari.

Verbal violence in particular, can attack a child's mental condition. Not infrequently, it has an impact on children's psychological development and even into adulthood.

Impact of verbal violence on children

When people are physically tortured, the impact may be immediately apparent. But different from verbal violence. When a child complains that he is ridiculed in a home or school environment, parents often consider it to be just a joke of a child.

In fact, the joke could be more than just joking. This also applies to you who often say rude words to children. In detail, dr. Anita explained the impact as follows.

"The psychological impact on children who experience violence is greater than the physical impact. Children can get depressed, withdraw from their environment and think of suicide or do dangerous actions, "he said.

Furthermore, Dr. Anita explained that in older children, the impact of verbal violence can cause drug dependence, alcohol, thinking of running away from home and committing violence to others.

For you parents, verbal violence in children can be in any form of communication, and you may not realize it. This includes:
  • Loud or shouting
  • A high-pitched tone of voice
  • An irritated look through the eyes
  • Facial expressions that seem disdainful and insulting
  • Long duration of anger, for example mothers who shout for hours
  • Mocked with bad words, like "spoiled," "annoying," and others
  • Abandonment which is the worst form of violence from all verbal violence above

Tips on preventing verbal violence in children

It is not too late to prevent verbal violence against children. Reporting from Psychologytoday, follow the following ways to do it:

  • Teach emotional management
Know that children need the right way to manage their feelings. With good emotional management, it is easier for children to be tough in facing life's challenges.

  • Teaching the meaning of emotions

This will help you teach your child to successfully learn the emotional management techniques he feels.

  • Show positive attitude

You can influence your baby by showing good attitude, compassion and curiosity about their world.

  • Don't leave the relationship tenuous

When your relationship and your child are tenuous, as often happens during a conflict, try to improve your emotional connection with your child as soon as possible.

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  • Let the child be yourself

You can help your child feel safe and comfortable by letting them be themselves. But as a parent, you also have the right to discuss concerns related to children's activities and use this opportunity as a moment to strengthen relationships.

"Violence in children is very serious because it can affect children's development in the future. Therefore, if you find or know a child who gets violence, both physically, intensually and verbally, seek help immediately, "said Dr. Anita.

Verbal violence in children can interfere with the stages of development. Prevent this by doing various methods above. Establish a good relationship with your baby and make sure your baby's environment does not interfere with his mental health

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