Hoaxes about HIV / AIDS transmission, this is the fact

Roseous.com - Hoaxes about HIV / AIDS transmission, this is the fact. Hoaxes or hoaxes are not only related to politics, the health sector is not spared from hoaxes. One of the most troubling hoaxes is about HIV / AIDS transmission. In addition to disturbing the public at large, this confusing information also exacerbated the stigma against PLWHA and prevented medical personnel from taking care of them. Activists who want to fight for the rights of PLWHA over social discrimination experienced are hampered because of people who believe in the hoaxes.

Dr. Adyana Esti, medical staff from the clinic from Angsamerah explained a number of hoaxes about the transmission of HIV / AIDS circulating in the community:

The HIV virus can be transmitted through social contact

Social contacts such as shake will not be contagious. Tuker-swapped mobile phones, or swimming in the same swimming pool will not be contagious. Indeed there is a virus carried by body fluids but the amount carried by body fluids is not enough to transmit the HIV virus. Because the HIV virus quickly dies.

The HIV virus is the most live and active in the blood, there is also in vaginal fluid, semen, and breast milk. The virus is in saliva, tears, and sweat, but with very little amount so it is not enough to transmit the HIV virus. Therefore, transmission of the HIV virus is not due to social contact.

HIV can be transmitted through female sanitary pads that have been contaminated with the virus

"The white color makes whatever stain sticks, clearly visible, for example liquid, must be visible because the surface is clean white. Logically, when you see pads like that, are you still going to use them? "Said Dr. Esti, in a talkshow themed "Defeat the Hoax, Understand the Facts of HIV / AIDS" on Thursday (09/08/2018) then. In fact, the HIV virus will die in less than a minute if it is out of the body. So that information on transmission through the sanitary napkin is not appropriate to be justified.

Having a partner of PLWHA must be infected

"There are a number of KUA that are obligatory for HIV testing. If for example the woman is an ODHA, it can be given ARV first, so when she is pregnant, before having a child, her child is not infected "continued Dr. Esti. If one partner is positive, it does not mean that their child has also been positively infected with HIV. Different cases if parents of prospective children both have been positively detected carrying the HIV virus.

ARV (antiretroviral) is a drug for PLWHA. There are two mechanisms for ARV work. The first to deactivate the virus, and the second to keep the virus from multiplying. The virus is blocked. The form of ARV itself is a tablet. Because until now, circulating ARV hoax which he said could cause liver damage due to chemical substances.

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In order not to be consumed by hoaxes, make it a habit to clarify and explore more information about the information you receive. It's good for the community to show concern for people with HIV / AIDS by not stigmatizing friends of PLWHA out there.
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