Is Exercise Effective Overcoming Addiction Problems? - Is Exercise Effective Overcoming Addiction Problems? Addictive substances like drugs can cause a lot of harm to the wearer. Worse, these substances also cause addiction that makes a person seem unable to escape his snare.

Based on the explanation from Dr. Fiona Amelia, someone who is addicted to drugs needs to get special therapy in order to escape the snare that is wrapped around his body.

"In principle, all types of addiction cannot only be treated with drugs that only function to regulate chemicals so that the body no longer demands things that trigger opium. One thing that is more important than drugs is behavioral therapy, "said Dr. Fiona.

Furthermore, Dr. Fiona said that the stages of rehabilitation in patients with drug addiction are as follows:

1. Stage of medical rehabilitation (detoxification)

At this stage, addicts are physically and mentally examined by a trained doctor. According to Dr. Fiona, doctors are the ones who decide whether addicts need to be given certain drugs to reduce the withdrawal symptoms (sakau) that they suffer. Drug administration also depends on the type of drug and the severity of the withdrawal symptoms.

2. Non-medical rehabilitation stage

At this stage, addicts participate in rehabilitation programs. In rehabilitation places, addicts will undergo various activities, such as therapeutic communities (TC), 12 steps (twelve steps), religious approaches, and others.

3. Stage after rehabilitation

At this stage, addicts are given activities according to their interests and talents to fill daily activities. Addicts can also return to school or work, but remain under the supervision of the authorities.

In addition to the three above, Verywellmind said that exercise can also be included as a natural therapy to overcome addiction problems. However, does this method prove effective?

Sports effectiveness to deal with complaints

Based on research, exercise that is done regularly and regularly can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Experts also increasingly believe that exercise can reduce symptoms of addiction.

Even so, studies show that exercise cannot have a significant impact on any type of addiction. One bad habit that he says can be eroded with regular and regular exercise activities is smoking.

Numerous studies have shown that smokers who exercise regularly have a tendency to smoke that decreases over time. They finally have a better mood.

The same thing happened to patients with morphine addiction. When they exercise regularly and regularly, anxiety behavior becomes more minimal and manages to reduce body temperature sensitivity. This can happen because exercise can repair brain tissue damage due to exposure to illegal drugs.

From the findings above, exercise has been known to have great potential as an additional treatment for addiction problems. A beneficial effect on the mood makes it suitable for assisting the recovery process and preventing recurrence. Behind that, exercise also helps make the body healthier, and helps improve the structure of damage to the brain.

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However, to eliminate the problem of addiction to its roots, exercise certainly needs to be combined with other positive activities.

"Drug addicts will be given activities that suit their interests and talents. This is so that they can return to their social environment, adopt a healthy lifestyle, become more productive and be more confident. The activities carried out are work activities or skills, sports and arts, "explained Dr. Fiona.

So, yes, exercise can have a positive effect on addicted patients. However, this healthy activity still needs to be combined with other rehabilitation activities so that the results are more optimal.
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