Is Sparkling Water Safe Consumed by Pregnant Women? - Is Sparkling Water Safe Consumed by Pregnant Women? Pregnant women are known to have to limit soft drinks because of their high sugar content. Well, even though it is carbonated, sparkling water does not have flavor or tasteless taste, so that from the side of the added sugar there is no need to worry. However, there are still many pregnant women out there who wonder whether sparkling water is safe for consumption during pregnancy. This is because there are no clear recommendations available, so many women are hesitant.

Sparkling water is carbonated water due to the addition of carbon dioxide. The addition of carbon dioxide makes sparkling water have air bubbles like soda. Sparkling water also produces a distinctive hiss of soda.

Is Sparkling Water Safe Consumed by Pregnant Women?
Is Sparkling Water Safe Consumed by Pregnant Women?
In addition to the form of water added with carbon dioxide, there are also a number of other additions such as sparkling water with fruit flavors or the addition of minerals that are emerging. Sparkling water products are increasingly consumed in the world. In fact, in a survey conducted by the Ministry of Food and Drug Security in Korea, sales of sparkling water in 2014 increased to 100.63 percent compared to a year earlier.

Even though now its consumption is relatively high and generally can be easily found in middle to upper restaurants, there are still concerns about the negative effects of sparkling water. The biggest concern of consuming sparkling water is its effect on dental health.

The effect of sparkling water on dental health

Sparkling water on the market has varying levels of acidity (pH) (pH 4.18-5.87). In fact, some products have a pH level below the critical level - below 5.5 - which is the acidity level where tooth enamel damage occurs.

Erosion of tooth enamel is damage to dental tissue due to chemical processes that occur, when the tooth surface is exposed to acid. The higher the consumption of acidic drinks, the more the erosion of tooth enamel will increase.

Research by Ryu HK et al. published in January 2018 in the journal "J Korean Orthod" is enough to give a bright spot. This study tested the effects of carbonated water (without taste) on the condition of tooth enamel patched. This in vitro study uses carbonated water in various levels of carbonation. From the results of this study, it was found that sparkling water has a negative effect on enamel. Carbonated water, in any carbonation level, can result in a decrease in the strength of the teeth and release of fillings.

The condition of teeth and mouth of pregnant women vs sparkling water

In fact, the condition of the inside of the mouth of a pregnant woman tends to be more acidic than normal conditions. During pregnancy, the oral cavity is more exposed to stomach acid, which can erode tooth enamel.

In the 1st trimester, this is caused by morning sickness. In the final trimester, mouth acidity increases due to loosening of the esophageal sphincter (the divider between the esophagus and stomach). Large pressure from the uterus can also increase stomach acid.

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Therefore, pregnant women are normally more prone to tooth enamel erosion. If pregnant women consume sparkling water with a fairly acidic pH, the risk of tooth decay will increase. However, if pregnant women pay attention to the sparkling water they drink have a normal or non-acidic pH, then the consumption is fairly safe without threatening the dental health of pregnant women.

If a pregnant woman is able to maintain the health of her oral cavity during pregnancy, actually drinking sparkling water is not a problem. Management that can be done is changes in diet and lifestyle, including assistance from antimicrobial drugs, antacids, or both according to doctor's directions. Gargling with mouthwash containing fluoride can also protect teeth that experience erosion or sensitive teeth.
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