Regarding Night Bath and Rheumatism - Regarding Night Bath and Rheumatism. Until now there are still many people who associate the night bath and the appearance of health problems, one of which is rheumatism. In fact, there are no studies linking the appearance of rheumatism and night baths. Then, is there a night bath limit?

There is no limit to the good night bath hours. However, after a day of activity, increased body metabolism will increase body temperature. Bathing at night with cold water can cause discomfort in the form of cold and chills.

Then, why do some people experience rheumatism after taking a night bath?

Experts believe that rheumatic night baths are caused by gout. Most of those who are elderly experience rheumatism. The difference is that at times, there are fast, old ones.

Not denied, food intake factors also play an important role in the emergence of joint complaints. Almost all food products, except fruits, run the risk of increasing the level of uric acid in the blood.

Although night baths do not cause rheumatic pain, but night baths clearly aggravate rheumatic pain complaints. That is, for those who have already suffered from rheumatism, night bathing is not recommended.

Even if you really want to take a shower, prioritize using warm water. Coldness will aggravate joint pain and this is certainly not something to be expected. For those who have not experienced rheumatic pain, you should start maintaining food intake and increasing your drink.

You certainly have a hard time avoiding purine in food, even though all food products that contain protein are definitely containing purines. If you eat less protein, the body will feel weak and unhealthy.

If you consume too much protein, there will be more uric acid in the blood. At a young age it is not too disturbing, but at an old age it is certainly very disturbing.

In addition, night baths can trigger premature aging. This is because when it's cold, the body will go into a state of stress. The body will increase its metabolism so that the temperature remains normal and increase its blood flow (vasoconstriction) to supply oxygen throughout the body.

As a result, the body needs more calories and oxygen. In order to meet the calorie needs, more calories are needed by causing hunger.

Meanwhile, to meet the oxygen needs, the body will breathe faster. Food and metabolic products, although they produce the energy needed, tend to accumulate metabolites in the form of oxidants in the body.

If that happens for years, then the person will experience symptoms like an old man. The most common symptom is joint pain. But, this is not the only possible cause because it must pay attention to several other things such as: work, certain diseases, heredity, psychological conditions, and external factors (pollution, food, radiation, humidity levels).

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The following are some steps that can be applied in everyday life to avoid rheumatism, including:
  1. Even if you have to take a shower at night, prioritize it with warm water. The principle is to avoid cold conditions. If your body is able to fight the cold (because there is a previous exercise), it may be excluded. Basically bathing in cold water is not recommended, except for those who are young, because cold water is suitable to repel laziness.
  2. Prioritize eating lots of vegetables and fruits that are rich in antioxidants. This will help prevent premature aging. You can take it by cooking it first or in the form of juice.
  3. Consumption of Vitamin C 1000 mg per day. Better if combined with Vitamin E 600-800 mg per day.
  4. To meet the needs of carbohydrates, prioritize sources of grains, wheat, sweet potatoes, corn, and sago. For protein needs, you can eat eggs and milk.
  5. To control food intake it is highly recommended to fast.
  6. Increase drinking. Purine metabolic results in the form of uric acid will be secreted through urine.
  7. Avoid soft drinks. Soft drinks will increase the release of calcium from the bones. In turn, it will aggravate the kidneys and make the bones brittle.

If you feel the need to bathe at night but do not like cold water, try to do it with warm water. In addition to relieving the mind, this can help you to sleep better.
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