Should Teachers Give Homework to Children on Holidays? - Should Teachers Give Homework to Children on Holidays? Teachers sometimes give homework to children so they don't forget what they have learned during learning. The goal is certainly good, so that children do not forget lessons because they are lulled by holidays. But it's also good for children to be allowed to enjoy a day off by playing, whether it's a holiday at the end of the week, or a holiday after the exam.

Most children are tired of daily activities at school, always looking forward to holidays. Holidays can make them find new things that can be done.

Should Teachers Give Homework to Children on Holidays?
Should Teachers Give Homework to Children on Holidays?
If everyday they are always busy with learning activities, while on vacation they will have more playing time. However, there are usually teachers who will provide homework as a holiday "gift".

Then, which one is better, do the children need to be given assignments or are allowed to enjoy their holidays during holidays?

For teachers and parents, there is no harm in letting your child enjoy their holidays. In fact, invite them to actively move by playing outside the home. Because, there are many benefits for them.

According to Dr. Dyah Novita Anggraini from KlikDokter, allowing children to actively move and play outside the home will provide many benefits for children. Here are some of them:

1. Adding children's learning activities

Playing outside gives children the opportunity to see and touch objects that they previously only saw in textbooks. This can be a good thing to make children have the opportunity to interact with nature.

2. Increase endurance

The earlier the child is exposed to the outside environment, the sooner he is exposed to bacteria which is certainly a lot of spread in the outside environment. This natural exposure can increase endurance.

3. Stimulate physical growth of children

When playing outdoors, children have the opportunity to jump, chase, and move their bodies in unlimited ways. This is good for improving the development of children's muscles.

4. Get vitamin D intake

It is not new information that vitamin D is treated with the help of sun exposure. However, in addition to bone growth, vitamin D can also reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

5. Stimulate children's creativity

There are no standard rules when playing outdoors. Children will also play according to their creativity or use the imagination as widely as possible.

6. Stimulate child leadership

Children's leadership talents will be honed when playing with friends outside the home. Because, children have the opportunity to set the theme of the game and face the challenges that occur at that time.

7. Growing children's confidence

When outdoors, children will meet many unexpected things, such as cliffs or steps. Invite children to hold or climb it. This will indirectly hone his confidence.

8. Stimulate children's social skills

The external environment will encourage children to interact with other children. This is where his social skills will be honed.

9. Reducing the risk of obesity

Outdoor activities make children free and active, so the risk of obesity can be avoided. So that the disease is minimized.

10. Increase children's concentration

Spending time outdoors can increase children's concentration. This is evidenced in patients with ADHD, which is a disorder in brain development that causes the sufferer to become hyperactive, impulsive, and difficult to focus.

Actually, on the other hand, there is nothing wrong with the teacher giving homework to his students. However, the teacher should also support the child to be able to play outside who is creative.

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By giving children the opportunity to play during holidays, they can have a healthy body and mind condition. The child cannot reject the assignment and homework given by the teacher. However, you as a parent need to be with the teacher, determine the right assignment for the child during holidays.

There is a lot of homework or fun tasks that can be given to children during holidays, such as visiting museums, seeing art exhibitions in galleries, watching sports competitions and others. Thus, after the child goes back to school after the holidays, he will undergo another study with new enthusiasm.
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