The Secret of Japanese People Diligently Build Morning - The Secret of Japanese People Diligently Build Morning. For people who are not used to getting up early, being a 'morning riser' is a tough challenge. For them. waking up early with a smile on the face is something that is beyond reality. Good news for people who often wake up late, and want to develop the habit of waking up early, the Japanese have tricks to turn things around, and it's called Ikigai.

The Secret of Japanese People Diligently Build Morning
The Secret of Japanese People Diligently Build Morning
Ick-eee-guy pronunciation, Ikigai is a Japanese health theory that can make your morning better and more beautiful. Developed by neuroscientist Ken Mogi and author Hector Garcia in their book on Ikigai, this concept originates in Okinawa, which has the largest centenarian population in the world. While the Ikigai concept is a possible reason for having a long life, the increase in popularity can be attributed to the deeper meaning behind it. In essence, ikigai emphasizes the fact that people must first look for goals.

The key concept of Ikigai is to look for goals in everything you do, such as your hobbies, your social life, your work and your vacation trip. This is related to the idea of ​​social identity. Ikigai is the point between what you master, what you like, what the world needs and what you can get.

There are people who are eager to have material wealth and then there are people who feel dissatisfied at pursuing what they always want to achieve. For them, the search for meaning in their lives will be endless. Ikigai is a practice based on the premise of finding something that fits all of these criteria.

How to practice it? Do what you want to do the first time in the morning

Start your day with what you want to do, like running, dancing or just listening to your favorite music. Ikigai wants you to unite passion, love and personal mission in the matrix of everyday life.

Think of a greater human good and perfect your life's purpose with that. Your mood, state of mind and perspective can be changed by cultivating joy in your life. Although only trivial. "It's important to realize that moods can be changed through 'small' joy," Mogi said. He said that if the context changes, your brain adapts to the new context and in a short time, your mood can change substantially.

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After that, treat your curiosity for life, because life is full of miracles that must be discovered.

Most people often aren't too curious about life and don't want new things to happen when they get older. By staying "curious", you will eventually change many things in your life forever. Do what makes you always feel curious. If you don't know what, keep asking questions and explore your feelings by staying "curious" then the answer will come.
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