Tight Stomach When Pregnant: 7 Causes and 7 Ways to Overcome

Roseous.com - Tight Stomach When Pregnant: 7 Causes and 7 Ways to Overcome. Are you feeling your stomach tight when you are pregnant? You don't need to worry because tummy tightening is one of the symptoms of normal pregnancy that is felt by pregnant women since the beginning of pregnancy.

Hard stomach sensation during pregnancy does not continue to exist. Sometimes you feel your stomach tight in the morning and loose again during the day. There are explanations that you need to know about a tight stomach while pregnant. See the explanation!

Tight Stomach When Pregnant: 7 Causes and 7 Ways to Overcome

Causes of stomach tightness during pregnancy

So many changes in the body that are felt by pregnant women. Often these changes cause discomfort for pregnant women. One form of discomfort that is often felt is a tight stomach when pregnant. What actually causes a hard stomach when pregnant?

The following are some of the causes of stomach tightness during pregnancy:

1. Growth of uterus and fetus

The more abdominal day the pregnant woman grows, the bigger it becomes. Increased fetal growth as well as uterine growth. The greater fetal and uterine growth results in pressure on the abdomen. This pressure often causes the stomach to tighten during pregnancy.

2. Constipation

Some changes felt by pregnant women are interrelated. One of the changes felt by pregnant women in the form of constipation or constipation can also be a cause of stomach tightening. The stomach becomes tighter and harder due to constipation.

3. Fetal movement

The more the fetus grows bigger, the more it will do a lot of movements like kicking. You would love to feel fetal movements that are so active even though sometimes you like making you amused or unable to concentrate. However, fetal movements in the uterus can also make the stomach hard when pregnant.

4. Eat excess

In some pregnant women, the appetite of pregnant women in the third trimester increases dramatically. Pregnant women also often feel hungry quickly. Increased consumption of excess food will press the uterus to make the stomach hard.

5. Symptoms of Braxton Hikcs (fake contractions)

Braxton hicks are one of the sensations that are often felt by pregnant women. The symptoms of braxton hicks are almost similar to labor contractions. Braxton hikcs can cause stomach tightness during pregnancy. Braxton hicks can occur from the second trimester of pregnancy.

6. Pregnancy problems

Pregnant women also need to be aware that a tight or stiff stomach can also be caused by pregnancy problems. The problem of pregnancy as a premature labor, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, and placental abruption can also make the stomach tighten.

7. Time to give birth

If you often feel a tight stomach since the 38th week, it is likely that you are approaching labor. Abdominal chewing followed by a regular sensation of contraction that is 2-4 minutes is a sign that the baby is ready to be born.

How to deal with a tight stomach while pregnant

Tight stomach during pregnancy needs to be overcome immediately so you don't have to feel discomfort for too long. There are several ways to overcome a tight stomach during pregnancy which will be mentioned below:

The following are some ways to overcome a tight stomach while pregnant:

1. Increase consumption of fluids

In the case of a mild tight stomach, the way to overcome it is to consume lots of liquids such as water and fresh fruit juice. Consumption of this fluid will keep the body hydrated. The body that remains hydrated will relax the stomach.

2. Make changes in body position

Hard stomach during pregnancy can be re-made again by making changes in body position. When the stomach tightens when you sit, stand up and walk slowly for a few minutes. A tight stomach will return to calm.

3. Wake up slowly

Usually, most people will wake up from their beds or chairs in such a hurry, including pregnant women. Pregnant women should be more careful about this. Getting up from a bed or chair will quickly make the stomach tight. So, if a pregnant woman wants to get out of bed or a chair then do it slowly.

4. Special massage therapy for pregnant women

Tight stomach during pregnancy can be overcome by massage. However, this massage should not be arbitrary. You should consult with your obstetrician about this. Choose a special massage for pregnant women to keep your pregnancy safe.

5. A warm shower

You can overcome a hard stomach while pregnant at home in an easy way. Bathe with warm water when your stomach is tight. With a warm shower, the stiffness in the stomach can disappear immediately.

6. Breathing exercises

Pregnant women who are diligent in taking part in pregnancy exercise can overcome their stomachs when they are stiff. In pregnancy exercises are taught breathing exercises that are useful to strengthen the abdominal muscles. Strong abdominal muscles will make the abdomen disappear.

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7. Consult with a doctor or midwife.

Especially for tight stomach caused by indications of pregnancy problems and the time to give birth, the way to overcome them is in consultation with a doctor or midwife. That way, the doctor or midwife will immediately handle it.
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