Vaginal Causes Itching When Menstruation and How to Overcome It - Vaginal Causes Itching When Menstruation and How to Overcome It. Ahead of menstruation or after, some women complain of vaginal feeling itchy and painful when urinating. This complaint has even become a subscription for some people every month. However, what actually causes the vagina to itch during menstruation? Is this natural? It turns out that vaginal yeast infection is the cause. This infection may indeed appear every month, exactly when you are menstruating. You can read the full explanation below.
Description: Vaginal Causes Itching When Menstruation and How to Overcome It
Vaginal Causes Itching When Menstruation and How to Overcome It
Know vaginal yeast infections
Vaginal yeast infections occur due to fungal growth in your female area. Usually the fungus that causes this infection is Candida albicans. This disease occurs quite often and fortunately can be treated if handled properly. Here are the characteristics of vaginal yeast infections, especially when you are menstruating.
  • The vagina is itchy
  • The vagina feels sore when urinating or have making love
  • Vaginal discharge is thick and white, the texture is a bit like porridge
  • Vaginal lips (labia) swell when the infection is getting worse

Causes of vaginal itching during menstruation
Although it is quite common, vaginal itching during menstruation should not be underestimated, let alone considered normal. The reason is, infection is more susceptible to occur if you do not maintain vaginal health properly while menstruating. Here are various causes of vaginal infections before or during menstruation. 1. Changes in vaginal pH before menstruation
If the infection usually appears about a week before you arrive at the month, it is likely that the cause is a change in pH level in the vaginal area. Before you menstruate, your estrogen hormone decreases quite dramatically. This causes the balance of good bacteria in the vagina to be disturbed. With the reduction of good bacteria, the vagina is more susceptible to fungi. 2. Rarely change pads
Vaginal yeast infections can also appear when you menstruate until a week after. If this is what you usually experience every month, it could be the cause is that you rarely change pads. Too long wearing the same pads makes the vagina moist. The condition of a moist vagina eventually becomes a comfortable nest for fungal growth. 3. Choose the wrong underwear or bandage
Panties and sanitary pads from synthetic materials can cause irritation due to lack of air circulation. Bandages that contain certain fragrances can also cause irritation to the vaginal tissues that are very sensitive. Irritation will make your female area more susceptible to growth and fungal infections.

How to deal with vaginal infections during menstruation

Relax, vaginal yeast infections are generally not harmful and can be overcome immediately. Pay attention to the right steps to treat and prevent the appearance of yeast infections following menstruation.

1. Check with a doctor

The doctor will provide effective antifungal drugs to stop the infection. If the infection is serious enough, your doctor may prescribe certain medications that must be taken for approximately six months.

2. Wear comfortable pants and perfume pads

Choose the basic ingredients of cotton and can provide good air circulation for the vagina. Do not use pads that contain additional chemicals such as perfume or deodorant.

3. Routine change pads

To prevent vaginal itching during menstruation, you must replace the pads at least every four hours.

4. Reduce sweet foods and high in carbohydrates

Fungi and bad bacteria in the vagina will multiply more rapidly if you eat a lot of sweet and high-carbohydrate foods.

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5. Don't wash your vagina with soap

Female soap or your bath soap contains chemicals that are not suitable for the vagina. Women's soap will actually disrupt the pH level so that the good bacteria that are responsible for keeping the vagina healthy will die.

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