Want a Challenge and a Healthy Body, Try Rock Climbing

Roseous.comWant a Challenge and a Healthy Body, Try Rock ClimbingIf you like sports that have an element of challenge, then rock climbing suits you. Not only adrenaline, rock climbing turns out to have many benefits for physical and mental health.

Rock climbing sports are generally carried out in an open environment filled with high cliffs. However, you can also climb artificial cliff walls (indoor climbing or wall climbing) which are usually available at sports venues or in special places for this sport.

Long Cliff Benefits

Many muscles work when you are rock climbing, both upper and lower body muscles, including your back, abdomen, shoulders, arms and legs. In fact, your fingers are also trained when climbing a rock. If done regularly, rock climbing can increase stamina, flexibility and agility of the body, and the muscles of the body become stronger.

Here are some of the benefits of other rock climbing:
  • Improve concentration and problem solving skills.
  • Depression therapy.
  • Can lose weight, because rock climbing burns calories.
  • Reducing the risk of certain diseases, such as heart disease.
  • Improve sleep quality.

Things to watch before starting rock climbing

If you are afraid of heights, rock climbing is actually not an activity that must be avoided. In order for the fear to disappear, make sure you understand the procedures for safely climbing the rock, for example how to conclude the correct rope so as not to fall. Often practice climbing so that gradually your confidence will increase, and make you bolder.

Rock climbing is a safe and risky physical activity, especially if done on a real cliff. The possibility of injury is smaller if you do an indoor climbing, where someone is guarding you with a safety strap from below. In essence, you must master good rock climbing techniques to avoid unwanted hazards, including how to position your feet and body properly. For beginners, you can start with indoor climbing.

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Here are some tips you can do when you want to do rock climbing:
  • Warm up before starting a long cliff sport.
  • Focus and maintain concentration when doing rock climbing.
  • Communicate with the person below who helps you climb the cliff, so that he makes sure that the rope is tight and good, and prepares a helper if at any time you want to come down from the cliff.
  • Take a short break when you start feeling tired or need time to calm down.
  • Do not push yourself. If you are not strong or have difficulty continuing to climb, you can try again later.

After knowing the benefits that can be gained from rock climbing, you might think of trying this sport. But keep in mind, rock climbing is not a sport that can be done by everyone. Get to know the condition of your body before trying it, so that you can get the benefits of rock climbing for health without creating risks that are actually dangerous. If necessary, consult your doctor.
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