When did pregnancy occur after Making Lve?

Roseous.com - When did pregnancy occur after making love? Understanding pregnancy and conception is not an easy thing. Men and women who are healthy and fertile are sometimes not easy to get a pregnancy. In addition, women can also experience indirect conception during intercourse. There are times when 1-5 days after making love, conception just happened until finally the embryo implants.

If you and your partner want to get offspring immediately, understand the ovulation cycle of the woman until conception occurs. Record your menstrual cycle well and know whenever a woman can get pregnant with high ability. Here are some reviews about conception and when after making love women can get pregnant.

Description:  When did pregnancy occur after sex?
 When did pregnancy occur after making love?
The best time to have making love

The best time to have making love is often the biggest mistake of a partner. Most couples always think that making love should be done once the woman starts ovulating or 14 days after the last menstrual period. Apparently this assumption is not entirely correct. Making love should be done 1-2 days before ovulation or 12 to 13 days after the last menstrual period.

Maybe you will think and ask, why is making love actually done before the fertile period comes? The answer is the age of the eggs that come out and stay in the fallopian tubes. Eggs only last for 12-24 hours. If the sperm enters when the egg is not qualified or dies, fertilization will not occur.

Furthermore, the age of the sperm itself. Sperm that comes out and is exposed to free air will die easily for 10 minutes. Conversely, if sperm enter the vagina, swim to the cervix and finally reach the fallopian tubes, sperm can live up to a maximum of 5 days.

That's why making love must be done before ovulation occurs. So, sperm is directly inside a woman's body. As soon as the egg comes out, the sperm can immediately fertilize. Fertilization carried out this way has a large enough chance of pregnancy

Conception occurs in women

Some people may be confused with the time of conception that occurs in women. Generally fertilization will immediately occur as soon as the egg comes out and the sperm is ready there because making love is done before ovulation. However, if conception occurs after making love, conception will occur in less than 30 minutes.

After a man ejaculates in the vagina, sperm will swim from the cervix to the uterus and the fallopian tubes. From several studies carried out the time was around 10 minutes. Furthermore fertilization can immediately occur there and the egg will turn into an embryo before finally implantation.

Fetal implantation to the uterine wall occurs on the fifth to tenth day after conception. Because maximum fertilization can be done 5 days after making love, the fifth to fifteenth day of fetal implantation will occur. This condition is usually followed by mild bleeding.

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Factors that accelerate pregnancy

Pregnancy does not occur not because the partner is infertile, sometimes making love also affects. Here are some ways to speed up pregnancy in women
  • Making love is done before ovulation. Because you don't know when ovulation occurs and the 14-day benchmark cannot be used as a reference, take a bath. Make observations every month before starting a pregnancy program.
  • Prepare fertility well. Start consumption of foods that improve the health of sperm and egg cells.
  • Have making love regularly and not excessive. Sperm can be produced maximally every 2-3 days. So consider this condition.
  • Pay attention to the making loveual process. Do not use lubricants with spermicides because they can kill sperm instantly.

This is a review of when a pregnant woman is done after making love. Hopefully the above review can be used as a reference.

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