Characteristics or symptoms of heart disease

Characteristics or symptoms of heart disease that you must know both for personal and knowledge to share with friends or friends

The heart is a human body organ that has an important role, without a human heart can not live.
The heart is located inside the chest the size of a fist. The heart also functions as a pump and spreads the blood in the blood cells that contain oxygen which will spread throughout the body,

The heart which is one of the most vital human organs, we should maintain heart health, and to maintain heart health you must know the characteristics or symptoms of heart disease.
Even though the heart is located in the human body, the heart is very vulnerable to heart disease,

The characteristics or symptoms of heart disease that you must know are as follows :

1) Chest Pain
Chest pain is the earliest symptom of heart disease which is generally felt by people who often experience chest pain. And the effect caused by chest pain is shortness of breath followed by sweating, nausea, followed by heart rate or rhythm of heart movement faster than usual. Chest pain arises because of blockage of the arteries which causes blood to not flow like should flow to provide input for the body's needs.

2) Headache
Headaches are also an early symptom of heart disease after a connection from the body's organs that signals the stimulation of the human brain. Pain in the head arises when exposed to sunlight which indicates someone has a problem in the heart. Heart rate that is slower or faster which is an influence of an indication of heart disease. The type of person feeling pain in the head along with an irregular heartbeat must be alerted.

3) Feelings or stamina are easily tired
This feeling of fatigue can also give a signal about heart disease. A body that is easily tired from normal when you do not do heavy physical activity or activity but the feeling of fatigue comes naturally due to the connection of organs that are not working properly, these symptoms are also included in the symptoms or characteristics of people having heart disease.

4) Nausea
nausea occurs when there is swelling in the stomach which causes the sufferer to automatically lose appetite and the feeling of nausea accompanied by the feeling of wanting to vomit.

5) Irregular heartbeat
This irregular heartbeat is not an ordinary occurrence, or you should be aware, if you feel the heartbeat too often unlike usual you should check with your doctor. This irregular heartbeat is generally produced due to muscle thickening in the heart valve , this event causes a narrowing of the heart valve and a very persistent leak in the heart.

The explanation above about the characteristics or symptoms of heart disease may be just a little, but you should know that from the number of people with heart disease, you must remain vigilant and keep treating your heart because without your heart you will not be able to live.

Ask for advice or solutions from a cardiologist, even though it takes time but knowledge is very important.

thank you for reading my article, hopefully it will benefit you and don't forget to share.
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