Don't Underestimate the Benefits of Reading Books for Early Children

Roseous.comSome parents may be lazy or not take the time to read books to their children. Or maybe think that Little One doesn't understand if you read a story. In fact, there are many benefits of reading a book that can be felt by a child when he grows up later.

There is no word too soon to start reading the book. In fact, you can already start when he is in the womb and continue this habit after he was born. Babies do not really understand the word for word you say, but hearing your voice can stimulate their interest in sound and train their listening skills.

Don't Underestimate the Benefits of Reading Books for Early Children
Don't Underestimate the Benefits of Reading Books for Early Children
Benefits of reading books for children

According to several studies, the following are the benefits of reading a book to Your Child:

  • Get acquainted with vocabulary

The benefits of reading for children can help him get acquainted with vocabulary, so that it can help improve his communication skills. In essence, the more often he hears, the better the ability to speak later.

  • Learn to recognize concepts

Not only vocabulary, children can also recognize the concept of everything that is around it such as color, letters, numbers, shapes, or objects.

  • Make the brain active

The more often you read for him, the more active his brain will be. Semantic processing or the ability to understand the meaning of words, become more active. Brain performance like this is not the same if the child hears a story from a TV or gadget.

  • Train children to imagine

Reading for the baby is assumed to be beneficial to trigger their imagination. Not limited to imagination, the benefits of reading for children also turned out to stimulate their creativity.

  • Provision when learning to read later

Children who have been accustomed to reading books from their parents from a young age are believed to be easier to learn to read.

  • Building cognitive abilities (thinking) of children

This includes the development of attention (attention), memory, ability to use words in communication, problem-solving abilities, and ability to reason. This is also important for the provision to socialize when you grow up.

  • Creating a good relationship for you and your child

Your relationship and baby become closer physically and emotionally by reading a book for him. Not only good for child development in general, some experts also believe that the benefits of reading for your child can foster a sense of empathy and emotional intelligence.

Tips for Happy Fruit when Read a Book

The most important thing about the benefits of reading a book is the interaction between you and your child. So, it is recommended not to just read word by word. Make an enrichment story or picture according to the real world. For example, if there is the writing of blue pants in the book, you can point to the red pants that are being worn, while saying, "You prefer blue pants or red pants?"

Other tips that you can apply include:

  • Book choice

When reading for a child who is still in the womb or a newborn baby, or a few months old, you can take reading material from anywhere such as newspapers, magazines, or novels that you are currently reading. But when your baby is older, you can start reading books that interest him.

Your child may like colorful books or images related to the surrounding environment. Or maybe you can also buy a book that comes with a game or song. Remember, babies like to bite something, including books, so it is advisable to choose a thick book material so it won't break down quickly.

  • Pay attention to the sound intonation

Babies who are only a few months old prefer language that has a rhythm, rather than hearing the contents of the story. So, to make this reading activity more interesting, use different voice intonations for each word. You can do repetition of words to train their language skills.

  • Take the time to read

Reading can whenever you do, you don't have to wait for your child to ask for it. But when reading with your child, make the activity a pleasant moment. Turn off other sound sources such as TV, radio or cellphone so that the concentration of the Small is not disturbed.

  • Don't just book

You can also read magazines, newspapers, or writing on packaging such as food or toys. So, not just book your reading sources. But don't forget, read other reading sources that are appropriate for their age.

  • Read in front of him

Get used to reading in front of him. That way, Little One will know how important this reading hobby is to you.

If you do not do this activity when the baby is still in the womb or still a baby, there is no need to fret. You can start doing it right now, because it's not too late for the baby to benefit from reading a book. So, start taking time every day to read something to your child.
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