Food needed by pregnant women

The baby's life depends on the woman she is pregnant with or the pregnant woman needs to pay attention to her intake

Food needed for pregnant women to get pregnant during pregnancy requires more food to be added before pregnancy or during pregnancy.

There are three main nutrients that need to be noticed by the prospective mother when she is pregnant with the prospective baby :

  1. Physical nutrition
  2. Mental nutrition
  3. Spiritual nutrition

1) Physical nutrition

During pregnancy, women need 50% more food than usual, especially egg whites, phosphorus, iron and other vitamins.
the amount of protein that is needed is a protein that consists of 1/3 of the protein that comes from the best animals including
1) milk
2) meat
3) fish
4) eggs
then two thirds of the protein that comes from plants must also be considered.

and if women ha, the lack of egg white will cause anemia (lack of blood) and the prospective baby will have a protein deficiency.

And the lime that is needed for the body per day for every pregnant woman is at least 75 milligrams / kilo grams of body weight, besides that iron is also very necessary for every pregnant woman needs about 15 minigram a day and the most important example of iron is minerals.

Ideally for pregnant women every day to consume foods as follows:
1. Milk 2 glasses
2. A piece of meat (125 grams)
3. One egg to two eggs
4. Fruits such as oranges, papaya, and bananas
5. Vegetables are green and the older the color, the better
6. Foods that contain lots of carbohydrates 

2. Mental nutrition

The fetus at a young age develops and forms a small human being complete with its senses including the ability to hear even though the fetus is unborn to the earth but the ability to receive messages can already be done since the mother's womb. The baby from the womb is able to capture psychologically through the nerves and muscles that are in him about what is happening in the outside world.
If the mother is psychologically experiencing a lot of pressure, then the baby's psychological nutrition is threatened for the health of the baby in the mother's womb,
And a simple way for a pregnant woman to provide mental nutrition for her baby is:
1) Reading positive and educative stories to babies in the womb
2) Inviting him to speak as a worthy individual figure and gaining recognition
3) Enjoy the pregnancy and be grateful for the presence of the baby in the womb

Likewise for fathers, the actions of a father in the mother will affect the reaction of the baby in the womb. If the more positive the father treats the mother, the prikis nutrition of the child in the womb will improve.

3. Spiritual Nutrition 

Every creature has a physical and a soul and there is one human benefit from other living beings, namely having the Spirit or Spiritual.
Thoughts, desires and emotions belong to the category of the human soul, the body is its physical form and in the soul there is a spirit that makes humans alive (the power of God) and God the Almighty who first establishes a relationship or communication with a prospective baby.

And a mother has the right to get spiritual nutrition for her baby by:
1) Reading the scriptures according to the religion adopted by speaking and giving meaning to the heart of the baby's heart can feel it
2) Get closer to the Almighty by multiplying the following spiritual activities

 Giving spiritual habits or exploring religion when the baby is in the womb will give a positive impression on the baby's spirit in the womb.

Thank you, I hope the article I wrote could benefit many people, especially women who are pregnant
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