Good Food for The Eyes

Good Food for The Eyes
In this opportunity I want to provide the best solution for you in your care for the eyes.

Foods that contain nutrients are good for the eyes. We all know that the function of the eye for humans is to see, without eyes, humans do not know anything in front of them, we can know anything and anywhere from what we see through the eyes. It is important for us to know what foods are good for eye health, humans have eyes that are said to be susceptible to diseases, eye diseases also sometimes come alone without us knowing before, that's why we need to know foods that can help your body maintain eye health .

The following are good foods to help you maintain eye health while helping you to provide eye care through the nutrients in these foods.
Here is a list of foods with an explanation of their benefits for the eyes:

1) Carrots
Consuming carrots in humans is very good for eye health. Can be seen from the nutritional content contained in carrots. carrots that are rich in vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, Vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and sodium.
Of all the nutrients that this carrot has, it can improve eye conditions from lack of vitamin A

2) Broccoli, cabbage and peppers
In the daily diet, you may be as often accompanied by the three vegetable ingredients, but not necessarily you know what nutrients are contained in the vegetables. Broccoli, cabbage and peppers have good nutrition for the eyes, of course you have not realized before.
In these three vegetable ingredients, they contain large amounts of Vitamin C which function to provide immunity to the human body system and can maintain eye health, an eye that will continue to reduce vision due to age, with these three vegetable ingredients will help you maintain eye health in the future.

3) Dark green vegetables
Remembering the benefits of dark green vegetables, of course we know that helping humans maintain their immune systems that are susceptible to disease. Seen from its many nutrients and contains antioxidants that can protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. Besides containing antioxidants, green leafy vegetables have Zeaxanthin and Lutein which function to provide nutrients to the human body and maintain the human body's endurance.

4) Egg
Eggs are also best for eyes that contain lots of Protein, Vitamin E and Lutein. In addition to being very easy to get, this egg also has a very good nutrition for the eyes.

5) Potato
Potatoes that have Vitamin A, B vitamins to vitamin C are accompanied by minerals, Proteins. that is in potatoes. Good nutrition for the body and the most important thing in my discussion this time is good for the eyes. From the content of Vitamin A that potatoes have, of course it can help you reduce and treat your eye health from eye diseases.

Here are the reviews that I can give about foods that are good for health or eye care. Hopefully the articles I write can provide knowledge for you.
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