How to Limit Played Kids

Roseous.comToday's children don't seem to be able to escape the device. In fact, experts say, lingering at the screen for a long time causes serious health problems, obesity is one of them.

Like television, the device makes children lazy to move, and this behavior persists in relation to the child's weight. The American Heart Association (AHA) warns about the dangers of staring at the blue screen for too long and encouraging parents to turn off the TV and keep devices away from children.

AHA statistical data shows that the time spent by children in front of the TV has decreased, but the habit of staring at the screen as a whole has increased and is likely to continue to increase.

A report from Common Sense Media based in San Francisco concluded that children aged 13 to 18 spend an average of 6 hours 40 minutes in front of a screen. That includes watching TV content, movies and videos, surfing the internet, spending time on social media, and playing video games. This number does not include the time spent doing schoolwork by browsing the internet.

How to Limit Played Kids
How to Limit Played Kids
In its report, AHA said, school-age children who spend time in front of the screen for 8 hours a day are considered excessive. Increased time carries many risks, including decreased sleep quality and social skills, as well as an increased risk of health problems associated with prolonged sitting behavior, such as obesity.

The researchers also showed a study that found children who spent more than 35 hours per week staring at cellphone screens or devices faced a greater risk of heart disease and stroke compared to those who spent less than 16 hours per week.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says playing with cellphones or devices should not replace physical activity, exploration, or social interaction. To limit the bad effects of blue screens on children, try reducing the intensity by:
  • Children are not allowed to use mobile devices to a certain age.
  • If you allow it, limit its usage, how many hours a day or a week.
  • Do not use mobile devices too often in front of children because this will trigger their curiosity. Children will also feel neglected if you play too often with your device.
  • Create alternatives for spectacle or more interesting activities.
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