How To Soothe This Mind Can Relieve Anger

Roseous.comAngry is an emotional reaction that everyone has. However, excessive anger can have negative effects on health and social relationships. Therefore, you must know how to calm the mind that can help relieve anger.

Anger can arise when we are disturbed by a number of things. Anger can be directed to someone, yourself, an unpleasant incident or atmosphere, or to the work environment or family at home.

How To Soothe This Mind Can Relieve Anger
How To Soothe This Mind Can Relieve Anger
Hidden anger can trigger anxiety or depression. Long-term anger is associated with high blood pressure, heart problems, headaches, and lung and digestive problems, to the weakness of the immune system.

Although it is important not to harbor anger, but in expressing it must be in the right way. Excessive outbursts of anger are often ineffective, even triggering further problems. Because it's important to know how to calm the mind

Here's how to calm your mind

  • Prevent from the start

Stress management is important as a way of calming the mind. Observe more carefully when you feel a change in mood and emotion. Many people don't realize that stress and anger make it difficult for a person to get quality sleep. As a result, you will feel tired continuously. Therefore, give time to calm down a few minutes every day. This not only can maintain your emotions, but also can make your body healthy.

  • Distract

When you feel emotional tension and the possibility to get angry, change the focus of your attention to your physical. Sit in a quiet and uninterrupted place. Then, try to take a deep breath. Repeat words that can calm the mind, such as "relax" or "calm". Then try to stop thinking as much as possible that makes you angry and switch the source of emotions with things that can make you calm.

  • Get to know the source of anger

To be able to calm your mind effectively, you need to know what is the source of your anger. Get to know the cause of the problem, with whom you are angry, and what next steps you can take to ease anger. If you already know these things, it will be easier to calm your mind.

  • Be careful when talking when you're angry

If the condition does not allow you to get out of the room and you are caught in a condition that makes you angry, try to think further before you say something. When angry, it is possible to say various negative things. Do not make decisions or opinions when under the influence of anger. Express your feelings when you feel calm.

  • Avoid blaming others

The tendency to blame or criticize others when angry, is very high. These conditions can actually provoke greater tension. To avoid this, try saying things that are more specific, about what you feel and how you consider it to be untrue. Remember, say your feelings with dignity and respect.

  • Breathe fresh air

You can try to get out of anger by doing physical activities such as exercise, walking casually, or listening to music. If anger is unbearable, immediately get out of the room. Inhaling fresh air outside can be used as a way to calm the mind. Take advantage of these moments to clear your mind of things that make you angry. Changing the atmosphere and breathing fresh air can make you more relaxed so that it can be a way of calming the mind.

  • Look for solutions

Trying to find solutions is a positive way to focus and forget anger. For example, looking for a middle ground for problems that continue to repeat because each feels right, so that a win-win solution is obtained and all parties feel happy. Remind yourself, that anger will not solve problems and only make them worse.

It is very important to avoid excessive anger. Do a way of calming the mind above which is adjusted to each condition. If anger is protracted and difficult to control, then you may need to consult a psychologist to get a better way to calm your mind.
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